Google Ads Training On-Demand

  • In this course, students learn to leverage Google Ads for their business website. The class begins with an introduction to digital advertising and navigating the Google Ads platform before digging into using keywords and researching competitors. Students learn about writing winning ads as well as conversion tracking, and A/B testing, and automation. Students are encouraged to follow along with the lectures and demos with their own Google Ads account before earning their certificate of completion.

    • $110
    • 25 hours of video
    • Beginner
  • Through this course, students develop proficiency in all the major digital marketing features of Google Ads. The course introduces students to driving traffic and tracking conversion rates. Students learn to develop and optimize ad campaigns and attract repeat visitors, as well as research, plan, and organize keywords. By the end of the course, students will also understand YouTube video ads, CPV bidding, and ad ranking.

    • Platform subscription
    • 13 hours of video
    • Beginner
  • For students new to Google Ads, this seminar introduces the digital marketing platform. Students learn how to create and display search campaigns and create video ads for YouTube. Additionally, students learn about measurement for digital advertising and discover tips for spending efficiently and effectively. After finishing the course, students can earn a certificate of completion.

    • Platform subscription
    • 2 hours of video
    • Beginner
  • Advanced Google Ads

    LinkedIn Learning Instructor: Michael Taylor

    After taking this tutorial, digital marketing professionals will have an advanced understanding for using Google Ads effectively. The course covers advanced insights into keyword research, auctions, and account structure, as well as performance optimization and the Google Ads editor. In addition, students learn about automation and Google Ads scripts, performance tracking, and additional channels for Good Ads. A quiz in each unit helps students test their understanding before they earn their certificate of completion.

    • Platform subscription
    • 1 hour of video
    • Advanced

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