Top Live Online Google Ads Courses

Find the perfect Google Ads class for you available live online. We’ve found 18 courses available via remote learning with class duration ranging from 6 hours to 4 days and pricing ranging from $325 to $1,799.

  • Ledet Training Google Adwords 501 - Google Adwords and Analytics Bootcamp

    This 4-day bundle combines Google Ads and Google Analytics training for individuals looking to add to their marketing toolkit. As part of Google Ads training, students will learn the basics of search engine marketing, how to run campaigns, how to manage and optimize an account, and more foundational Google Ads skills. Then students will learn to use Google Analytics for web and marketing analytics. Topics include launching and optimizing paid search campaigns, using Google Analytics to optimize marketing initiatives, and understanding and interpreting reports in Google Analytics.

    • $1,799
    • 4 Days
    • Weekdays
    • Beginner
  • Incas Training Google AdWords Training

    This course provides students with introductory training in online advertising using Google AdWords. Students will learn how to use the tool to create AdWords campaigns, how to optimize keywords, and how to analyze the efficacy of a campaign using Google Analytics.

    • €1.380
    • 2 Days
    • Weekdays
    • Beginner
    • Money-back guarantee
  • Digital Workshop Center Google AdWords Beginners Class

    In this 6-hour Google Ads course, participants will learn the basics of advertising with Google Ads. Students will gain a deeper understanding of keyword optimization and learn to set up and manage an Ads account. This course also offers free access to CoWorking space on class days and one month of technical support.

    • $395
    • 6 Hours
    • Evenings
    • Beginner
    • Free Retake

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