Learn Photoshop for UI & UX Design: Create & Optimize Graphics for Websites, Apps, & More

NOTE: Newer design apps such as Adobe XD and Sketch are now preferred over Photoshop for designing websites, apps, etc. They offer many more feature specifically made for web designers, app designers, and UX or UI designers. Please look at our Adobe XD and Sketch classes if you want to design websites, apps, and digital experiences.

You’ll learn to design web layouts for mobile, tablet, and desktop (or screens for apps) using text, graphics, styles, and more. With artboards and guides, you can design on popular grid systems (like Bootstrap), making it easier to design responsive webpages.

Learn how to use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web, apps, etc. We focus on modern techniques (using the latest Photoshop features) that are specifically relavent to UI and UX designers. You’ll design on grids, extract image assets, create hi-res 2x graphics, and so much more.

This course has a prerequisite

Students should be comfortable with the basics of Photoshop. If you’re comfortable using another Adobe app (such as InDesign, Illustrator, etc.) but haven’t used Photoshop you will probably be fine. 

If you have never used Photoshop or another Adobe app, consider taking either our Photoshop in a Day or Photoshop Bootcamp class.

Familiarity with how webpages are coded with HTML and CSS is helpful, but not required.