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Photoshop for Web Design & UI

Create & Optimize Graphics for Websites & UI (User Interface)

Learn how to use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design, without wasting time on functionality that focuses on photo retouching or print design.

Create & Optimize Graphics for the Web

Learn modern techniques, including new features added to Photoshop CC, and turn wireframes into finished designs. Understand how to design responsive website layouts that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.

You’ll design on grids, extract image assets, create hi-res 2x graphics, and so much more.

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Photoshop, equivalent to our Photoshop in a Day or Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp courses.

  • 12 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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$650 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

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What You’ll Learn

  • Use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens
  • Learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more
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Photoshop for Web Design & UI Class Syllabus

Section 1
Creating New Files & Designing on a Grid System


  • Setting Preferences & Workspace
  • Creating a New Document
  • Creating a Grid
  • Designing with Bootstrap’s Grid
  • Viewing at Accurate Size
  • Creating Colored Backgrounds for Text
  • Importing Text
Adding Photos & Editing the Layout


  • Changing the Page’s Background Color
  • Importing Photos
  • Changing Canvas Size
  • Grouping Layers
Adding Page Navigation & Editing Smart Objects


  • Creating a Navbar
  • Adding a Stroke
  • Changing Opacity
  • Importing Vector Graphics from Adobe Illustrator
  • Editing a Vector-Based Smart Object in Illustrator
  • Editing a Pixel-Based Smart Object in Photoshop
  • Content-Aware Fill
  • Swapping Out Graphics

Section 2
Text Styling & Adjusting Images Behind Text


  • Adding a Drop Shadow to Type
  • Darkening a Background Photo to Make Text More Legible
Adapting a Webpage Layout for Tablets


  • Copying the Desktop Design into the Tablet File
  • Adjusting Elements to Fit the New Dimensions
  • Cropping the Canvas
Adapting a Webpage Layout for Mobile Phones


  • Copying the Tablet Design into the Mobile Phone File
  • Adjusting Elements to Fit the New Dimensions
Optimizing for Web: JPEGs & HiDPI/Retina Graphics


  • Using Save for Web
  • Optimizing Photos for Low-Res Screens
  • Optimizing Photos for Hi-Res (HiDPI/Retina) Screens
  • Compression Settings for 1x & 2x Versions
  • Saving File Size When Optimizing 2x Graphics
Section 3
Optimizing for Web: PNG vs. GIF


  • 8-Bit File Formats: GIF vs. PNG-8
  • PNG-24: Save For Web’s Only Choice for Partial Transparency
  • Properly Optimizing Colors: Limited Colors vs. Gradients vs. Black & White
  • Making a 1x from a 2x Graphic
Extracting Assets from a Design


  • Pros & Cons of the Extract Assets Panel
  • Creating PNG, GIF, & JPEG Files from a Design
  • Extracting PNG-8 with Partial-Transparency
  • The Proper Way to Extract 1x and 2x Graphics
  • Why Photoshop Sometimes Exports Low-Res JPEGs & How to Fix It
Designing in 2x Photoshop Files


  • Designing at 2x versus 1x
  • Turning a Wireframe into a Real Design
  • Setting Anti-Aliasing & Hyphenation
  • Using Clipping Masks to Crop an Image
  • Aligning to a Selection
Section 4
Paragraph Styles


  • Creating, Applying, & Editing Paragraph Styles
Masking Photos & Visual Effects


  • Importing & Cropping Photos (Masking)
  • Colorizing Icons (Vector Smart Objects) in Photoshop
  • Adding Effects Such as Stroke, Inner Shadow, & Gradient Overlay
  • Copying Effects to Other Layers
  • Fill Opacity
Optimizing Graphics in a 2x Design


  • How Extract Assets in a 2x File Differs from a 1x File
  • Slicing
  • Layer Based Slices
  • Custom Sized Slices
  • Create mockups for mobile, tablet, & desktop websites.

  • Learn how grids help you structure your design & make it easier for developers to code the site.

  • Turn wireframes into a final design.

Learn to Design for Web & Mobile Using Photoshop

This is the ultimate Photoshop for web/UI course. In addition to learning key features and techniques, we’ll cover important workflow tips and tricks. Learn to efficiently create professional designs that are easier for developers to code!

  • “I really enjoyed the class. I didn’t know that you could change the name of a layer and save a photo for web. I’m used to working in Illustrator. After the class, I felt a lot more comfortable manipulating objects, layers and effects in Photoshop. Thinking “responsively” or in terms of a 12-column Bootstrap layout is great, but the techniques we learned to resize and manipulate objects and layers are what made the class invaluable.”

    Elizabeth Funk

    Completed the Photoshop for Web Design & UI class

  • “Very comprehensive class to learn the latest functionality in Photoshop for web developers and designers.”

    Scott Mitzner

  • “I’m fairly new to web design and found that Photoshop for Web Design & UI was the perfect way for me to start.”

    MaryRose Devine

  • “The Photoshop for Web Design & UI class was great! Ethan was a great instructor and thoroughly explained the steps. I finished the class feeling confident and eager to apply what I learned to my work.”

    Victoria Greiss

    Learned to create graphics for web sites & user interfaces with Photoshop

Real-World Class Exercises

“I’d approached this class with an open mind because while I'm a “Photoshop veteran” I hadn't used it for website wireframing. Simply put the Photoshop for Web Design & UI course material is directly in line with the subject. There was much that I learned that I wished I had known about before for my own projects. I found the course’s “real world” scenarios/examples to be very educational. The course's instructor Ethan was masterful.”
Darryl Kaalund

Student learning to design for web with Photoshop

Custom Workbook Included

Learn Photoshop by first by watching a short demo, then by practicing on web and mobile designs and by exporting web-optimized images. Take the custom workbook home and recreate the class projects anytime after the class.

Each Photoshop class comes with a training workbook created by Noble Desktop

Learn to Design & Optimize Images for the Web

“Don’t assume that because you know Photoshop you know how to design for the web. This class goes through various exercises that show the processes on design and optimization for exporting web-ready images. As always, all of Noble’s instructors are great, know their stuff and are always helpful with troubleshooting and providing resources to take with you.”
German Hernandez, Multimedia Designer

Optimize image for web project screenshot

Register for Photoshop for Web Design & UI

$650 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

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