The GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) has become the industry standard for scripted animation due to its advanced features and incredible performance. It is used in the majority of award-winning websites and it’s so popular in HTML5 banners that Google is hosting it for everyone to use.

Together with GreenSock, we developed this hands-on course, as well as a top-selling GSAP Workbook and GSAP Video Course

Animate Websites

Bring Your Websites, Ads & More to Life with GreenSock Animation

This class offers a comprehensive exploration of GSAP. Learn how it can bring powerful & engaging animation to your interactive projects.

What is GSAP?

GSAP is the only solution that allows you to dynamically create and control robust animation sequences on the widest range of screens and devices. It is a JavaScript-based API that is literally 20x faster than jQuery under stress and offers many more features. Its features and performance will not only meet the needs of the most demanding professionals, but the syntax is totally beginner-friendly. You’ll be amazed at how easy and flexible it is to create animations with code.

NOTE: We are teaching an earlier version of the GSAP API (not the latest version 3). The instructor will mention some of the changes, and most of the concepts will still work even in the newer version (which simplifies some things).

If you can’t take this hands-on live class, there are two other options to learn: our step-by-step workbook, or our downloadable Video + eBook course.