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Video Tutorial: Intro to HTML5 Animation with GreenSock (GSAP)

Want to animate your webpages or create rich HTML5 banner ads? Learn how the GreenSock Animation Platform can breathe new life into websites, mobile apps, games, or online marketing.

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GSAP is the most robust high-performance JavaScript animation library on the planet, which is probably why Google recommends it for JavaScript-based animations and every major ad network supports it. GSAP is driving the animation on award-winning sites as well as complex banner animations. Knowledge of JavaScript helps, but you'll see in this seminar that the syntax is very beginner-friendly. You will be amazed with how much you can do with so little code!

Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about at this event:

  • Examples of animation on award-winning sites
  • What can GSAP do and when should you use it?
  • Basic tweens and timelines
  • GSAP’s top features and plugins
  • Live coding demos

This seminar is designed for anyone interested in learning more about what is possible in the world of web animation. It’s a must for any Flash animators with scripting experience, but knowledge of Flash is in no way required.

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