Digital marketing is using digital channels and tools like email marketing, social media marketing, paid and unpaid search marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) to promote products and services. With the explosion of the internet, digital marketing has become one of the most critical ways to publicize a business and help it grow. Knowledge of digital marketing can be an asset to entrepreneurs and owners of businesses large and small.

Enrolling in virtual courses, bootcamps, or certificate programs is a great way to learn more about digital marketing. Because digital marketing has several different channels and niche industries that fall under its broad description, it may feel overwhelming to decide which program will be best for you. Take a look at this short guide to find information about what digital marketing courses are out there and how to determine which one is the right fit.

Benefits of Online Digital Marketing Classes

Live online digital marketing classes, bootcamps, and certificate programs provide the same advantages as their in-person counterparts: they’re interactive, comprehensive training courses led by expert instructors. Virtual courses offer flexibility for attendees who may not be able to travel to in-person classes, so students have the chance to master digital marketing from the comfort of their homes or offices. Thanks to virtual options, aspiring digital marketers can benefit from online classes taught from anywhere, no matter where the school is based.

If you’re worried that you won’t learn as much as if you take an in-person class, don’t. Research shows that students learn just as well (and sometimes even better!) when taking virtual courses.

Digital Marketing Class Options

One of the major bonuses, especially in recent years, is the availability of resources online. You can take live online courses from the comfort of your own home or office, and still benefit from rigorous, hands-on learning experiences. Online courses provide the same level of intensity as in-person ones, and you don’t even have to commute to get to class.

Before enrolling in a digital marketing class, bootcamp, or certificate program, ask yourself some questions to determine what’s most important to you. Prioritizing your needs around such questions such as topic, cost, schedule, and format of the class will help narrow down the many options and hopefully make the decision easier. The most crucial element of deciding on a digital marketing course is what works best for your needs. Remember, the program should be the best fit for you, not the other way around. Figuring out what you truly want to get out of a bootcamp should help you decide which one to book.

Topic: Broad or Niche

First, consider the topic. If you’re just dipping your feet into the digital marketing waters, maybe you’d prefer a class that provides a broad overview of all things digital marketing. If you already have foundational knowledge of the topic, maybe you want something more specific, like a course focused solely on Facebook marketing or a deep dive into Google Ads. If you feel strong in your written marketing skills, maybe you want to learn video marketing so you can expand your range to YouTube and TikTok.


Another element to consider when determining which online program to enroll in is cost. Online digital marketing programs can run anywhere from $250 for a one-day SEO bootcamp from General Assembly up to $15,000 for a 12-week Digital Marketing Diploma bootcamp course from BrainStation. Think about what’s possible for your budget right now. Although taking courses may help you land a career that will ultimately enable you to command a larger salary, you’ll still need to keep your current budget in mind. Do your research: many longer bootcamps and certificate programs offer payment plans, financing, scholarships, and other ways to offset the upfront costs.

Although paying several thousand dollars for an online digital marketing program may be a bit of a “sticker shock” at first, the cost of even the most expensive digital marketing bootcamp is likely less costly (and time-consuming) than a four-year degree. Often after completing a rigorous online digital marketing program, graduates are poised to enter the workforce immediately. And hopefully, once you start getting paid a larger salary as a result of the online classes, the class will end up paying for itself.


Schedule is another consideration when determining which online digital marketing program to take on. If you’re just beginning your digital marketing journey and/or looking for a career change and feeling ready to jumpstart your digital marketing career as quickly as possible, book a full-time option! If you’re currently working full time, in school, have kids, or simply don’t have the bandwidth for a full-time program, perhaps a course held on evenings or weekends might fit you best. Classes, which are normally shorter time-wise than certificate programs and bootcamps and also have less of an academic workload, could be a match for a busy schedule as well.


While online digital marketing courses are all virtual, there are a few different options within the virtual format. Virtual classes can be offered live online (synchronous) with the teacher in the virtual classroom at the same time as the students, ready to answer any questions as the need arises. Another way to take courses online is asynchronously, which means via a self-paced program using pre-recorded lessons. If questions come up during an asynchronous lesson, students must contact the instructor directly. While most students prefer synchronous online learning because it’s closest to a face-to-face classroom experience, asynchronous classes could work well for scheduling and for those who prefer to take things at their own speed.

In addition to class format, think about what other benefits you might like to receive along with your coursework, projects, and homework. Many programs also offer 1-on-1 mentorship opportunities, career coaching, and even help with job placement. If these elements are important to you, make sure the program you select includes them. Most of Noble Desktop’s more robust certificate programs offer mentoring sessions included in the tuition.

Course Ratings & Reviews

Researching before making a big decision is always a good idea. Students who have taken online digital marketing courses have the chance to review their experiences on rating websites such as Course Report and Bootcamp Rankings. Take some time to read through reviews of various schools and specific programs. Hearing from current students and alumni can provide those considering a course with a candid perspective on different programs. Checking reviews can often help tip the scales one way or the other when deciding which online digital marketing course is right for you.

Learn Digital Marketing Online Through Noble Desktop

Digital marketing classes teach how to use the various platforms to your advantage. Those ready to leap into digital marketing training can look to Noble Desktop, which provides a diverse slate of live online digital marketing classes. Noble Desktop’s virtual digital marketing classes offer students the same intense training, content, structure, and opportunities for mentorship and feedback as their in-person counterparts. Plus, attendees have added scheduling flexibility and the convenience of taking classes from anywhere.

Noble Desktop offers several six-hour classes in digital marketing covering social media giants Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. These day-long, immersive learning experiences provide digital marketing tips and tricks for each of the platforms. It’s also a great place to learn how to create video-based marketing campaigns. In Noble’s Social Media Marketing: YouTube & TikTok class, students study how to build a following on YouTube, identify and engage their target audience, and monitor video topics and trends.

For a more comprehensive look at digital marketing, take a look at Noble’s Digital Marketing Strategies Bootcamp. The bootcamp is a 12-hour course that delves into the important role digital marketing strategy plays in a company’s overall success. Students will complete hands-on projects and learn ways to succeed at digital marketing, including how to establish goals, objectives, and KPIs.

The bootcamp is also offered as part of Noble’s 78-hour Digital Marketing Certificate, which delves deeper into each aspect of digital marketing including developing an end-to-end marketing strategy through hands-on classes where you work on your business or company as a project. You even get free retakes for one year!

Other online resources offered by Noble Desktop include its digital marketing blog which has detailed articles about social media marketing and Google Analytics, among others. You can also check out Noble’s seminar on YouTube entitled The Pillars of Digital Marketing Success and find other digital marketing courses, bootcamps, and certificate programs in your area using Noble Desktop’s Classes Near Me tool.