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Web Design with WordPress & PHP Certificate

Web Design & Development Bootcamp in NYC

Through the 120-hour Web Development Certificate, you’ll learn front and back-end coding skills, and walk away with the ability to design & code modern and responsive websites for your business or clients.

Learn Front-End Web Development

Learn to create webpages by coding HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Code Responsive Websites

Optimize your websites for mobile, tablet, and desktop

Add Back-End Functionality

Create custom WordPress themes and code PHP & MySQL

To build the front-end of websites you’ll learn to code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript/jQuery. You’ll learn to track code changes with Git, and for the back-end you’ll learn about WordPress and PHP/MySQL.

  • 120 Hours
  • Small classes
  • Books Included
  • Free retake

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$6475 $5000 Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

Customize your own schedule (choose dates at checkout), or choose a preset certificate track by expanding the dates below.

  • Custom Schedule

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn to create webpages by coding HTML & CSS
  • Add images, links, and style text
  • Create fluid-width layouts that adapt to different size screens
  • Learn to use browser developer tools to see how things work
  • Use hi-res images to look great on 2x (Retina) displays
  • Add custom fonts on your webpages
  • Write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages
  • Upload your site to make it live
  • Add back-end functionality to your sites with PHP & MySQL
  • Build custom WordPress themes
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Web Design with WordPress & PHP Certificate Class Syllabus

Front-End Web Development
Front-end code works in a web browser, whereas the back-end code works on a web server.
HTML: Create web pages and emails using HTML code to mark up content (text, images, etc.)
CSS: Style the contents of a webpage or email.
JavaScript & jQuery: Add interactivity, animation, and more to webpages.
Responsive Web Design: Create pages that are optimized for all size screens.
Code Management & Deploying Sites
FTP: Upload your files to make the site go live.
Git: Keep a history of code changes, and merge your code with other developers.
GitHub & Bitbucket: Work with other developers using remote Git repositories.
Web Design & Graphics
Layout webpage designs using Photoshop.
Create and optimize web graphics for fast download.
Back-End Web Development
WordPress: Learn to create custom WordPress themes for the most commonly used CMS (content management system).
PHP & MySQL: Build dynamic web pages and interact with a database.
  • Coffee website with background image, buttons, and links

    Create impactful layouts with full background hero images, colorful social media icons, and a clear call-to-action.

  • NYC website mockups created with Photoshop

    Create mockups for mobile, tablet, & desktop websites.

  • NYC website with CSS navigation menu

    Learn to code mobile friendly navigation using only CSS!

  • HTML email marketing upcoming events

    Learn to make great looking HTML emails.

  • Jive Factory website with JavaScript accordian

    Create accordions to elegantly hide and show content.

  • Lake Tahoe website optimized for mobile

    Learn to write media queries to create websites that work across multiple devices.

  • Customizing a WordPress theme

    Use custom templates to display your content any way you like.

Courses in the Web Design with WordPress & PHP Certificate Program

Web Development Level 1
  • Start building websites by hand coding HTML & CSS
  • Create multi-page websites with text, images, & more
  • Learn how to style with CSS
  • Upload your files using FTP to make the site live
Web Development Level 1 details 
Photoshop for Web Design & UI
  • Use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design.
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
  • Learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more.
Photoshop for Web Design & UI details 
Web Development Level 2
  • Use media queries to create layouts that are responsive (optimized for all screens sizes, such as phones, tablets, and desktops).
  • Dive deeper into CSS3 selectors and properties for more sophisticated styling.
  • Learn best practices to write cleaner, more optimized CSS code.
Web Development Level 2 details 
JavaScript & jQuery
  • Learn how to write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages.
  • Understand how to use freely available JavaScript frameworks, including the industry standard: jQuery.
  • Create animated slideshows with transitions such as fades or slides. Build animated image enlargers, show/hide additional content, and more.
JavaScript & jQuery details 
Flexbox & Grid
  • CSS Flexbox for laying out and aligning webpage content.
  • CSS Grid for an entirely new way to think about laying out entire webpages.
  • Learn how to use and skin Bootstrap (which uses Flexbox) to build out layouts quickly. 
Flexbox & Grid details 
WordPress: Build Custom Themes
  • Learn how a great Content Management System (CMS) will increase efficiency; making maintenance, updating, and adding special functionality easier.
  • Learn how to do a custom install of WordPress and edit existing themes.
  • Develop your own themes and install plugins.
WordPress: Build Custom Themes details 
PHP & MySQL Bootcamp
  • Learn how to use PHP to bring websites to life, turning static HTML into a two-way, user-interactive experience.
  • An introduction to the basics of PHP and MySQL, the backbone of many web-related activities: handling form submissions, interacting with databases, and more.
  • Gain a solid foundation of how PHP works, including working with forms, sessions, and more.
  • Learn the basics of MySQL, using SQL to fetch, insert, update, delete, and search records.
PHP & MySQL Bootcamp details 
Git Going: An Intro to Git
  • Git lets you track changes in your code and collaborate with other developers
  • Commit your files, branch off to code new features, and merge your changes back into the codebase
  • Work with other developers using remote Git repositories on GitHub & Bitbucket
Git Going: An Intro to Git details 
Coding Tips & Tricks
  • Learn tips and tricks to make you a faster coder in code editors like Sublime Text
  • Emmet is a collection of shortcuts for HTML and CSS that will change the way you code
  • Sass (a CSS preprocessor) adds powerful features that make writing CSS easier & faster
Coding Tips & Tricks details 
HTML Email
  • Learn how to code HTML Email messages that are effective and 
    cross-mail-client compatible.
  • Build and work with multiple layouts: a simple one-time email blast and a more complex weekly newsletter.
  • Gain a deeper understanding about email-friendly CSS and how to manage various email client issues.
HTML Email details 

Become a Front & Back-end Web Developer

Learn from the top web developers with real-world exercises and projects in all our courses.

For each class, you’ll receive our step-by-step training workbooks, used by institutions and universities around the world.

You’ll be learning in small classes of approximately ten students (compared to auditorium-style lectures at other programs), and you can retake any of the classes within six months!

  • “Indispensable for diving into new territories. Noble helps make sense of web development for someone who is coming into it fresh. Better than starting with online courses or books.”

    Valerie Clementi

    Learned to develop websites

  • “The class is very informative and a great way to introduce yourself to what Web Development really is. The instructor's extensive experience allows you to ask questions that go beyond what is covered in the book, making it a truly valuable class.”

    Thomas Egan

  • “I signed up for the Web Development Certificate. This was the first class of many and it was great! They covered many topics and Victoria, my teacher, did an excellent job explaining everything. I had zero experience going into the class and I came out of it knowing a lot. I highly recommend Noble Desktop.”

    Steve Fox

    Became a web developer by completing the Web Development Certificate

  • “Noble has always been my "go to" for Adobe training. After taking most of the classes in the Web Development program, I'm convinced that Noble should be everyone's first choice for these, too. It's amazing how easy it is to take what you learn in class and immediately apply it to your own projects.”

    MaryRose Devine

  • “As a long-time refugee of print design, I took the plunge and invested in my career by taking the web certificate. I feel like it really paid off. I felt empowered and possessed the tools to design and build modern, responsive web sites. The aspect I most appreciated was learning up-to-date best practices for executing modern web designs. Noble’s original step-by-step books are second to none: easy to follow and handy references to fall back on while working on a project. The instructors bring their own valuable real-world experience and are eager to help and share their knowledge.”

    Dylan Rogers

    Learned comprehensive HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more in the web certificate program

  • “I have completed 2 certificate programs. A 90-hour front-end web design certificate that included classes in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery, HTML email, Photoshop for web, and mobile and responsive web design. The second certificate built onto the first, and added a 30-hour back-end web development program which included PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. I learned tons, and the teachers were excellent. The course books are such a valuable tool to use with my projects. I was able to code a WordPress theme from scratch, and was even asked to speak at this past summer’s Wordcamp NYC. The instructors know their stuff, and really make learning fun. Nothing is rushed, and they take time to answer all questions. These courses were a very worthwhile investment—would recommend to anyone.”

    Gail Kearney

    Completed the Web Design and Development Certificates

  • “The instructors are top notch; very approachable and they know their stuff. Their class format is see and do; they explain an exercise step by step then have you complete it and are there to help you if you get stuck. I found the hands-on approach very effective. The exercises are modular and build on previous ones and every time you complete one you've made something happen that you didn't know how to do 30 minutes ago. That's a great feeling and helps keep you engaged in what you're learning. Piece by piece you're building practical skills that you can apply immediately.”

    Jonathon Powell

    Gained front-end web design & development skills in the web certificate

Learn Through Real-world Projects

“Overall, I’m always amazed at the talent of your instructors and comprehensiveness of your course materials. I thoroughly enjoy the theory/academic material, but mostly I'm impressed by your emphasis on translating these tools to real-world, practical applications.”
Benjamine Heath, Web Developer

Students learning in hands-on web development courses

Custom Workbook Included with Every Class

“Wonderful introduction for beginners and includes a very handy exercise book with explicit, do-it-yourself steps (thankfully the opposite of guidebooks written by robotic, removed pros).”
Ali Gross, Workman Publishing

Web development training workbooks included with every class

Learn Web Development Fundamentals

“After coming to this class not knowing anything about HTML or CSS, I am amazed at how much I am taking away. The exercises in the coursebook take users through each step with such good explanation that learning this new language was made easy. I now want to take every class Noble Desktop has!”
Julie Berger, Editor

Web developer writes CSS code at Noble Desktop

Full & Part-Time Coding Bootcamps

You can take individual classes or sign up for the complete Web Development certificate all at once. Take the classes part-time or full-time; weekdays, weeknights, or Saturdays. You can request a payment plan and be charged over the course of the certificate, rather than upfront.

Part-time and full-time coding bootcamps available

Register for Web Design with WordPress & PHP Certificate

$6475 $5000 Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

Customize your own schedule (choose dates at checkout), or choose a preset certificate track by expanding the dates below.

  • Custom Schedule