In this certificate, students will learn all the programming languages that are used to build the front-end of a website as well as important developer tools needed to become an entry-level Front End Developer. The program is open to beginners with no prior coding experience.

Build Websites with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

In the first section of the program, students will learn HTML to mark up webpages and CSS for styling. You'll then learn the fundamentals of JavaScript as well as jQuery, the industry-standard framework that lets you quickly and easily write powerful JavaScript. Learn how to use flexbox and grid to layout, align, and reorder webpage content, as well as make it adapt to different size screens.

Learn React for Front End Web Development

React is a JavaScript library that creates user interfaces (UIs) in a structured and efficient way. React allows developers to build an application’s UI one self-contained component at a time. Components are basically chunks of reusable code that declare which react component appears on the screen.

Develop Mobile Applications with React Native

React Native is used to create cross-platform mobile applications using JavaScript. React Native provides developers with user interface components that can be compiled into a native app in JavaScript and render it to be launched on iOS and Android systems.