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Video Tutorial: Designing for Mobile

Learn about designing for mobile websites and apps. In this free class, we’ll cover numerous resources and info.

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It’s no secret that mobile devices have changed the computing landscape. An increasing number of people are browsing websites on smartphones and tablets, so they need to be mobile-optimized. People are also using native apps specifically designed for smartphones and tablets. With these new devices come new design challenges that we’ll discuss in this seminar.

Watch this free 2-hour seminar so you can become a better designer. Here are some topics we’ll talk about:

  • How Mobile is Affecting Logo Design
  • Navigation
    • Small screens can be challenging. We’ll talk about and show examples of various styles of mobile navigation.
    • Pros and cons of different types of mobile navigation.
    • User experience and content flow. Considering what your users need, so they have a great experience.
  • Responsive Web Design
    • A responsive website adapts itself across different size screens (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.). Unlike separate mobile and desktop sites, a responsive website uses a single codebase that adapts to any size screen.
    • Mobile First: Improve your designs by focusing on mobile devices first, instead of treating them as an afterthought once you’ve designed the desktop site.
    • Designing flexible content that can work across devices.
  • Emails
    • Emails can be responsive too!
    • How much can you do?
    • What do you need to keep in mind?
  • How Do I Create My Graphics/Designs?
    • What resolution & size should you work at?
    • How to design for hi-res displays (Retina or HiDPI).
    • Minimum button sizes that are ideal for tappable items.
    • Previewing your designs live on devices while you work!
    • Font considerations. How mobile fonts affect overall identity and print designs!
  • Guidelines for App Icons
    • Common icon sizes for iOS & Android
    • Templates for automating icon creation

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