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HTML Email

HTML Email Classes in NYC

Email marketing has become a staple of marketing campaigns. In this hands-on HTML Email course, you’ll learn how to create attractive emails with custom layouts and graphics to engage with your customer base. Build a simple one-time email, as well as a weekly newsletter format.

Create Powerful, Beautiful & Effective Emails

Learn how to code and lay out emails using tables (for better compatibility with email clients), apply email-friendly CSS, fix various email client issues, and more.

Take your HTML Email skills to the next level by taking our Responsive HTML Email class and earning a NYS-Licensed Certificate in HTML Email.

Prerequisites: Knowledge equivalent to our Intro to HTML & CSS class.

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake

Take this class as part of a certificate program and save:

  • HTML newsletter for marketing campaign

    Learn to make great looking HTML emails.

  • Event calendar created in HTML email class

    Delivering consistent HTML email across different clients can be a challenge. You’ll learn how to sidestep the pitfalls and speed up your workflow.

  • Marketing campaign email created in HTML email class

    You’ll learn a few tricks to make even simple HTML emails look good.

Learn How to Code HTML Emails

In this hands-on HTML Email class, you will learn how to code rich, graphic emails using HTML and CSS. Work with different layouts to create effective emails blasts and newsletters. 

  • “This class was very helpful. Lots of new information and a ton of little tips and tricks that make my life so much easier.”

    Kerstin Meyne-McCall

  • “Great classes - terrific content, perfect pace. Instructor was amazing and extremely supportive and knowledgeable of real world up-to-the-minute current issues/bugs. Thanks for a great experience!”

    Trudy Appling

  • “I was excited to take this class after taking the Intro to HTML and CSS over a year ago and it did not disappoint. I'm excited to bring all of my new knowledge to the office tomorrow and make some email magic happen.”

    Spencer Lee Gallop

    Attended the one-day HTML Email course

  • “I taught myself HTML and CSS, so I never knew why certain tags and modules existed in coding. But now, after taking the HTML Email class with Noble Desktop, I have much deeper understanding of the fundamentals of HTML coding.”

    D'Angelo Cameron

    Learned how to code emails in Noble Desktop's HTML Email class.

  • “As with everything Noble does, the combination of lecture/demo/book/exercise gives a wonderful grounding in the material. The HTML email class illustrated the nuances between email and webpage application and how to make them work for you. Kudos.”

    John McCarthy

    Attended the HTML Email class

  • “Throughout the year, I had the opportunity to design and code emails. Trying to code emails which would display correctly on many different email clients and screens sizes I found perplexing and tedious. Coding for them is bit of a dark science. Not fully understanding led me to take this class. The knowledge learned by taking this course going forward will enable me to better code them, in addition to being taught best practices as well as valuable tips and tricks. They no longer are a mystery. I can’t thank the course instructor, Victoria, enough. She’s truly "all knowing email goddess."”

    Darryl Kaalund

    Learned the fundamentals of email coding in HTML Email

  • “Victoria did a great job of breaking down the current challenges of coding solid responsive HTML emails. The class covered all the key topics I needed to update our approach and sparked some new email ideas. Couldn't ask for more than that!”

    Tina Sher

    Learned basic HTML email coding

Code & Understand How HTML Email Works

“The HTML Email course really helped me to get a deeper understanding of how emails work and render in different email clients. The personal help I received to troubleshoot all my issues with Outlook was invaluable.”
Diandra Sarno, Graphic Designer

Example exercise of HTML email for marketing campaign

Custom HTML Email Workbook Included

Learn by watching the instructor demonstrate an exercise, then practice yourself by completing projects in our custom workbook that teaches you to create consistent HTML emails across different clients, as well as tips and tricks to make even simple emails look great.

Custom HTML email is included with every class

Part of a Certificate Program

This course is part of the HTML Email certificate program; the one and only HTML Email certificate in NYC. It’s also part of the Web Design & Web Development coding bootcamps. Take the other courses to earn the certificate!

Earn a certification in HTML Email