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Articles by Erica Freedman

Erica Freedman

SwitchUp’s Content Marketing Specialist

Erica is an innovative content strategist with a track record of developing and implementing successful social media campaigns and marketing initiatives. Prior to her remote, “digital nomad” lifestyle, she worked as the Communications Director for a literacy advocacy firm in Brooklyn. She is originally from New York but currently resides in New Orleans where she sings Jazz on the side.

You May Not Need a Full-Time Course to Change Careers

This post was written by Erica Freedman, Content Marketing Specialist at SwitchUp.

In recent years, the coding bootcamp boom has saturated the market with a variety of programs. Many software engineering and coding bootcamps offer full-time, immersive programs that can cost as much as $17,000 and require months of time to complete. Individuals who are working in full-time positions may not have the ability to quit their current career to pursue a new one. Flexible options offer a potential route to achieving a shift, but some individuals may not need a full-length course to achieve their professional dreams.

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