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UX Design Courses

User Experience (UX) Design Classes in New York City

User Experience (UX) Design is the process of enhancing user satisfaction and accessibility; it includes everything from user research to sketching, prototyping, testing, and designing a visual interface. Noble Desktop's UX Design courses utilize classroom activities and real-world examples to illustrate UX Design concepts, from user research to the final design.

In our UX classes, you'll work as a team to solve user needs, use paper prototypes to verify assumptions, prioritize tasks based on user research, create prototypes with Sketch and InVision, and practice with a real-world client. We offer a 1-day class, User Experience in a Day, and a comprehensive 4-day class, UX Fundamentals, led by a top UX instructor.

UX Design in a Day

A 6-hour Intro to User Experience Design

This class will provide an overview of the key concepts of user experience (UX) design. Class material will be a mix of lecture, discussion, industry examples, and classroom activities. Students will leave the class with a broad understanding of how UX designers work with other team members, fundamentals of the industry, and how designers move from research insights to design concepts.

Next Class: Mar 16, 9–4:30pm

Class Details

UX Fundamentals

Comprehensive User Experience Design Class

In this class you will learn the fundamentals of engaging with the user, concept development and prototyping. You will also practice how to critically analyze and communicate your findings to the team and a real-world client. This intensive class prepares you to understand the basics of user experience practice through various methodologies and real-world projects

Next Class: Apr 3–26, 6–9pm

Class Details

Upcoming UX Design Classes in NYC

Course Next Class Duration Price
UX Design in a Day Mar 16, Friday, 9–4:30pm 6 Hours $325
UX Fundamentals Apr 3–26, Tue & Thu, 6–9pm 24 Hours $1300

The Premier UX Design Courses in NYC

In our UX Design classes, you'll actually work through process in an interactive, and hands-on setting. Work on actual projects and create real prototypes in our 4-day UX Fundamentals class, or get a quick intro in the one-day course. Over 27 years, Noble perfected the craft of teaching, and see for yourself why our students love our UX classes.

Students learning UX Design in NYC training class
  • “Before the class, I had minimal UX knowledge and no idea where to begin. My teacher, Jason, was nothing short of amazing. I started off in total confusion and left with a new way of looking at design. The class taught the logic of UX, my questions were all answered, and best practices were recommended. I learned while having fun with my personal project. There was a lot to learn in a short amount of time but it never seemed overwhelming. I highly recommend!”

    Rita Healy

    Learned the fundamentals in our one-day UX class

  • “The UX Fundamentals class was a really great way to step into the world of UX Design. The teacher really explained the principles and concepts from his years of actual experience in the field. There was not a question he couldn't answer. The hands-on work within each class really helped drill in the ideas and get us familiar with how a UX Designer's job works. Excellent class!”

    Josh Okun

    Attended our comprehensive and hands-on UX Design course

  • “The User Experience Design in a Day class was extremely fascinating and educational. It is a great overview and a must-take for anyone in web design. Ron "demystified" the UX design process. I am looking forward to taking the next class, User Experience Fundamentals, to further my knowledge.”

    Victoria Greiss

  • “My first introduction to UX design. WOW! What an overview!”

    Barbara Jones

  • “UX Fundamentals is a great for learning the necessary skill set for this growing field. This course has walked me through of the major processes, tools and techniques. The instructor was very knowledgeable who clearly knows his stuff. He answered all questions promptly and helpfully. The short activity sessions helped me get a hands-on feel of the UX process.”

    Ellen Rich

  • “UX Design in a Day is a great introduction for those interested in understanding what UX is and learning the necessary skill set for this growing field. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and the short activity sessions helped me get a hands-on feel of the UX process.”

    Joseph Broda