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CSS Classes NYC

CSS Courses for Web Design

CSS can do so much these days, so we cover it in a number of classes. You can learn anywhere from the basics in our Level 1 course to more advanced and newer techniques in our other classes. Making websites adapt to mobile devices even uses CSS, which we cover in our Responsive Web Design course.

Web Development Level 1

Build Websites with HTML5 & CSS3

Learn to create webpages by coding HTML5 & CSS3. We focus on best practices for structuring the content of your webpages with HTML and then styling the content with CSS. By the end of this course, you’ll have built a couple of sites and even uploaded one.

Next Class: Jul 9–11, 9–4:30pm

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Web Development Level 2

CSS Classes New York City

Kick your CSS skills up a notch and learn how to code more complex layouts. In this CSS training, you’ll master the positioning of elements (relative, absolute, fixed), create multi-column layouts, and learn about newer CSS3 transitions, transforms, and animations.

Next Class: Jul 10–26, 6–9pm

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Mobile & Responsive Web Design

Optimize Sites for Tablets, Mobile & More

Websites can be viewed on a variety of devices, from mobile phones, to tablets to desktop computers. Responsive web design detects a device's screen size and adjusts accordingly.

Next Class: Jul 30–Aug 1, 9–4:30pm

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Intro to HTML & CSS

HTML Classes New York City

We’ll introduce you to HTML, the standard markup language used to create webpages, and you’ll dive in and hand code a webpage from scratch. This 3-hour class is essentially the first section of our more comprehensive Web Development Level 1 class.

Next Class: Jun 25, 6–9pm

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Upcoming CSS Classes in NYC

Course Next Class Duration Price
Intro to HTML & CSS Jun 25, Monday, 6–9pm 3 Hours $150
Web Development Level 1 Jul 9–11, Mon–Wed, 9–4:30pm 18 Hours $975
Web Development Level 2 Jul 10–26, Tue & Thu, 6–9pm 18 Hours $975
Mobile & Responsive Web Design Jul 30–Aug 1, Mon–Wed, 9–4:30pm 18 Hours $975
  • “I had a pretty basic understanding of CSS before this class. The concepts themselves weren't completely foreign to me, however I now feel like have a better understanding of how things really work. Rather than just copying and pasting code and hoping it does what I want it to, I now know why things work which will help me style more effectively and efficiently.”

    Courtney Huber

    Learned to code complex page layouts using CSS

  • “Not knowing anything about HTML/CSS, I found this class so informative. There was just the right amount of instruction without it ever feeling overwhelming. The instructor was fantastic. She was extremely articulate and explained things so clearly that I really felt like I could truly tackle web development. I feel that I now have a good solid base of knowledge in HTML/CSS and am excited at the idea of moving onto the next level.”

    Elise Rouse

  • “I think this class was the perfect amount of content & taught in such as way that it was easy to understand, especially for those like me who are designers & not used to code. It was very easy to understand and follow and I felt excited at the end of each day about FINALLY understanding how HTML & CSS work together to create a site, and how simple it can be once you understand the basics behind code.”

    Kimberly Korpics

    Learned best practices for CSS in the Level 2 course

  • “Well structured classroom instruction with actual coding exercises. A good way to up your skills with CSS in a short time.”

    Douglas McGredy

    Attended the CSS Intensive class

  • “Web Development Level 2 is an excellent class that will keep the student satiated for some time. With excellent lessons coupled with the real life experiences of the instructor it truly makes coding fun and leaves one to learn even more.”

    Nong Louie

    Learned advanced CSS in the Web Development Level 2 class