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Intro to HTML & CSS

HTML Classes New York City

Learn the foundations of the markup language used to create webpages in this 3-hour HTML & CSS class.

Learn to Code

In this class, we’ll introduce you to HTML, the standard markup language used to create webpages.

You’ll dive in and hand code a webpage from scratch, learning how to format paragraphs, headings, and lists. You’ll also learn how to create links, add images, and modify tags with attributes. By the end of class you will learn about CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), including tag selectors, class selectors, and the class attribute.

This 3-hour class is, essentially, the first section of our more comprehensive Web Development Level 1 class. If you find that you enjoy coding HTML and want to learn more, you can do the remainder of Web Development Level 1 and we’ll take the price of this class off that course!

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake
Animation showing HTML coding

Get Started Learning Web Coding Basics

This 3-hour HTML & CSS workshop is the perfect way to see whether a career in web design is right for you, or to just get essential skills under your belt. Unlike other intro classes, at Noble Desktop you'll work on real-world exercises. The instructor will present a short demo, and then you'll practice on your own with guidance from the top web designer and coders in New York City.

  • “I would recommend the class for anyone needing a clear introduction to HTML.”

    Jon Gerstel

  • “Easy to understand for the first time user.”

    Robin Henriquez

    Learned HTML & CSS coding

  • “Demystified the basics of HTML for me!”

    Elynn Cohen

    Attended the HTML & CSS course

  • “I feel like I can now go and make webpages.”

    Adriano Medina

  • “Learning new things is a great way of expanding your knowledge and this is the perfect place to do it. Short, efficient classes, packed with information and plenty of exercises.”

    Michelle Mumoli

  • “Excellent, easy to follow instructions for those looking to add skills to their resume or to expand their knowledge base.”


Learn the Essentials of Web Development

Come see our teaching style in this introductory class, and if you’d like to learn more you can continue learning in our longer, more comprehensive Web Design and Web Development certificate programs.

Students learning Web Development basics in class

Learn then Practice

In our Intro to HTML class you will dive in and hand code a webpage from scratch. First the instructor will demonstrate an exercise, then you’ll practice on projects which include formatting paragraphs, headings, and lists. You’ll also learn how to create links and add images.

Hands-on web development training at Noble Desktop

Real-world Examples

“A different methodology in teaching where you are more inclined to absorb the material. A great class to learn the most recent tips and tricks, learn from real-world example websites, and follow along with a detailed workbook.”
Awakash Bodiwala, Web Developer

Web design project from hands-on class