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Payment Plan FAQ

Which classes or programs qualify for payment plans?

Classes or certificates priced at $2,495 or above qualify for payment plans.

Our main programs that qualify include:

How do payment plans work?

When you enroll in a payment plan, you pay a $250 non-refundable deposit at checkout. The remainder of the tuition is paid over the course of the program. The $250 is credited towards the last class in the program, so it is not an “additional” fee. 

For the remainder of the classes, your credit card will be charged one week prior to the start date of that class.

After the deposit, how does payment for the rest of the program work?

To remain enrolled in the payment plan, a valid credit card must be on file for the duration of the program.

At checkout, you are charged only the $250 deposit. Then, one week before the start date of each class in the program, we will charge your card for that upcoming class only.

Are there any fees or interest for payment plans?

There are no additional fees or interest. The $250 non-refundable deposit is credited towards your tuition.

In total, you will pay the advertised certificate price (if you complete the program) and not a dollar more.

How do I enroll in a payment plan?

To enroll, check the "payment plan" box at checkout which will appear for qualified programs. No application or prior approval is required to enroll. 

What happens if I cancel during the payment plan?

If made in accordance with our class cancellation policies, cancellations are subject to full refunds, minus any registrations fees.

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