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Ruby On Rails Bootcamp

Become a Rails Developer

Ruby on Rails allows you to quickly build dynamic web applications. It has been the go-to framework for startups like Twitter, GitHub, and Shopify. Mastering Ruby on Rails has two parts: the Ruby Programming language and the Rails framework.

In this 10-week course we’ll cover both Ruby and Ruby on Rails. From the first class, you will build a fully functioning Ruby on Rails web application! Over the course of ten weeks, you will learn:

  • Object-oriented programming with Ruby
  • Managing versions of your code base and collaborating with other programmers using Git
  • The Model/View/Controller (MVC) paradigm, Active Record, Action View, Action Controller, Action Mailer, and Action Job. 
  • Data modeling and relationships such as belongs_to, has_one, has_many, has_many: through, and polymorphic relationships, as well as delegation and self-joins
  • Working with the Ruby on Rails test suite as well as RSpec
  • Extending Ruby on Rails with additional gems (plugins) from the community
  • Working with various data formats beyond HTML such as JSON, XML, and third-party APIs
  • How to build your own API using Ruby on Rails
  • Deploying web applications to Heroku and storing remote images on Amazon S3

The class assumes you are comfortable with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Prior experience with Ruby or Ruby on Rails is not necessary. You’ll need to bring a Mac laptop to this class.

  • 60 Hours
  • Mac only
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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Learn Real-world Design & Coding Skills

“Noble Desktop is far and away the most efficient way of gaining computer graphics skills. They give real-world exercises to work on, teach best practices, and inspire many an ‘aha!’ moment. Highly recommended.”
Joanne Hu

Students learning graphic design & coding at Noble Desktop

28 Years of Experience

Since 1990 we have perfected the craft of teaching. If students get hung up on an issue, we tweak the class to make it better. We’re the longest running independent training center for code and design in NYC.

Students learning hands-on at Noble Desktop

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Not currently scheduled.