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Bulk or Quick Editing WordPress Posts

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Bulk-editing your posts is an easy way to add categories (tags) to multiple posts simultaneously. This helps you stay organized and enhances your UX (user experience). Watch to see how.

Follow along in the video:

Go to Sidebar Menu > All Posts

You’ll notice both of the posts that I have created are here. I can select individual ones or select them all.

I can filter by categories as well. So, I can choose all the posts that don't have a category yet. I can also filter it by month in which the post was created, and filter that to just the posts I’m looking for.

Now I can do a Bulk Action. I’ll go to Edit, and I’ll apply that. Both of these guys are "Islands," so I’ll do this. And I could also add tags here as well.

I’m just going to make that one change and update, and it’ll change both posts.

Notice that "Maui" is listed as Uncategorized; I could go to Quick Edit, and that takes me to the general settings of the post. I'm not in the body of the post itself, but I can make small changes to things like the categories or the tags and update it without touching the text at all.

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