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Mistakes are inevitable, but WordPress makes it easy to go back and fix errors. Watch our free video tutorial to find out how!

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Let’s talk about revisions.

Often when we’re working on a file, we might be under a deadline, it might be late at night, or you might have someone working as part of your team who made a mistake. The work eventually gets published, and you come to find out there’s an error on your site. What do you do?

One of the things about WordPress is that it saves the different revisions you make. Not just how many times you manually save it, but also all the times it autosaved (make sure you have autosaved turned on). WordPress allows you to go back to any of those previous versions as well.

Follow along with me in the video.

I’m going to get that gear from my settings, and you’ll notice with this particular document there are eleven revisions. So I’m going to click on that, and it’s going to allow me to compare the last two revisions saved.

Now, I can choose to go to a previous revision if I want to. So if my current version has a mistake, I can go back to a recently saved copy rather than try to backtrack my steps.

However, you’ll notice I also have access to all of the other different revisions! I can compare any two revisions together to find one without errors, and proceed from there. Tada!

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