Adding Categories and Tags to WordPress

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Posts can have categories or tags on them, which makes it easier for your audience to find them. Watch to find out how to create tags in order to enhance your UX (user experience).

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Adding Tags

Adding Categories

Go to Sidebar Menu > Posts > Categories

The great thing about categories is that they can be created ahead of time. You’ll notice there’s a field here to add specific category names, so I'll do “Islands.” You can put a slug in, and that’s a term that makes it function properly. This is also good for your SEO (search engine optimization). You can also create something called a “Parent Category," which I’ll talk about in a moment.

You can add a description as well. Some themes may show the description, but this information is most valuable for the build team that’s working on the site itself.

I’m not going to put a slug in, because I’m going to allow it to add the slug in for me.

So, I’m going to choose Add New Category. And there it is.

Notice it self-populated a slug. All it did was take the capital letter away.

To show you, I’ll put in “Things to Do.” And notice I not only have capitals, but spaces. Now I’ll input that category. And see what it does to the slug—it takes the spaces out and replaces them with a dash or hyphen instead.

We can also deal with sub or child categories. So let’s say I want to have the ability to browse all of the posts about "Islands," but I also want to be able to search for "Maui" in particular. So, I can put “Maui” in here, but I want it to be a child to the parent “Islands.” So I’ll pick that. Hit Add New Category. And there it is! You’ll notice it shows you with this em-dash that it’s a sub or child category for “Islands.” Easy peasy!

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