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Best Free Software Engineering Resources & Tutorials

Many professionals are eager to learn software engineering but hesitate because of the perceived up-front costs. Immersive software engineering training is comprehensive but can be costly. However, a surprising amount of free resources are available to help beginners get the hang of this exciting program. 

This guide will teach you about the different types of free resources and tutorials available to help you learn Software Engineering. 

What is Software Engineering?

Software Engineering is an engineering branch focused on designing, developing, and testing new technologies to solve real-world problems. Software Engineers bring comprehensive knowledge of programming, design, and engineering principles to build software. These computer science professionals can create web applications, mobile applications, video games, robots, operating systems, and network systems that we use daily! 

Software engineering is a collaborative and broad field. The design and development of software solutions will require you to work with other technical and non-technical professionals. These can include engineers, developers, scientists, designers, and other creative and technical professionals. Additionally, Software Engineers can specialize in different areas of the user experience, depending on their interest.

Learn more about what software engineering is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with Software Engineering?

Our society continues to rely more heavily on computer-driven processes. Software Engineers are the brain power behind these processes and create the programs and applications we use daily. Software Engineers use programming languages to develop software programs and applications. Programming skills are sought after across fields and sectors, and you can do many cool things with this skill set! 

Low-level programming languages, such as assembly and machine language, can be used to create system software. System software is a general software that develops and runs other application software. A few examples of system software are operating systems, like Mac OS and Android, and video game systems, like the Nintendo system software, which allow video games to run.

You can also create application software using programming languages—software engineers design application software to carry out a specific function. For example, Spotify is an application software that allows you to listen to music or podcasts. Engineers use high-level programming languages like Java and Python to write application software.

Free Software Engineering Tutorials 

Free resources and tutorials will allow you to learn about software engineering and related topics, including data science and machine learning. If you’re not sure you’re ready to enroll in an immersive course, these tutorials will help you feel out the software engineering field while also learning some basic concepts at no cost. 

If you’re interested in tips, tutorials, and resources, look no further than the Noble Desktop Blog, which covers several topics related to software engineering, including, 

Noble’s Learn Hub is a comprehensive learning resource with free information about software engineering. The software engineering learning hub covers various topics to help you navigate your learning journey. Topics include the multiple formats of software engineering training and the certificates and certifications you can get to help you land your first software engineering job or advance your career. Additionally, as software engineering is a broad field, there are a variety of roles you can pursue depending on your interest, such as a Data Scientist or a Machine Learning Engineer. The learn hub also covers topics related to software engineering, including: 

Several online video tutorials offered by Noble cover skills and topics related to software engineering. Many professionals interested in software engineering begin by checking on the Intro to Front End Web Development. This free tutorial is an excellent intro to the programming languages used to create the part of the website that users see. If you’re interested in diving deep into two essential programming languages, check out the Intro to JavaScript and Intro to Python Fundamentals seminars. You can also find free video tutorials in subjects related to software engineering, like Data Science and SQL

Conquer Software Engineering with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers an assortment of Software Engineering classes that will teach you the skills needed to become a Software Engineer. You can join Noble’s courses in-person in Manhattan or virtually from the comfort of your home or office. These courses feature small class sizes led by expert instructors with experience in the field. In addition, Noble classes feature a free retake option that will allow you to retake a course within a year for no extra fees. 

If you want to be a more well-rounded web developer, consider enrolling in either the  Software Engineering Certificate or the Full-Stack Web Development Certificate. Both courses will prepare you to build both the front end and back end of websites. By the end of the Full-Stack Web Development Certificate, students can use programming languages, such as HTML & CSS, JavaScript, and React, to develop and build web applications. If you have a few extra weeks, the Software Engineering Certificate is more comprehensive and will teach you Python, a popular programming language for web development, data analysis, and automation. 

Noble’s Python Developer Certificate program is the perfect course for someone with a shorter-time frame looking to learn a highly used programming language. This certificate will take you from a beginner to an intermediate Python programmer in a few weeks. This course will prepare you for success as a Python Developer, Back End Developer, or Software Engineer. 

If you’re interested in working with data in your career, Noble Desktop’s Data Science Certificate is a good option for you. This immersive training will equip you with skills ranging from Python programming to machine learning models.

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