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Intro to JavaScript

Free Seminar

JavaScript is an essential skill for any web developer. It’s commonly used to add interactivity to webpages, such as animation, parallax, slideshows, form validation, and much more. Traditionally it’s run in a web browser (client-side), but having grown in popularity you can now run it server-side (using Node.js for example). We’ll get you started with the fundamentals of client-side (front-end) JavaScript, opening up your webpages to new and exciting functionality!

Here are some of the topics you’ll learn about at this event:

  • What can you do with JavaScript?
    • Examples
    • Client-side versus Server-side JavaScript
    • Overview of popular JavaScript libraries
  • Variables & Strings
    • Defining & Using
    • Performing Calculations
    • Concatenating Strings
  • Functions
  • Working with the DOM (Document Object Model)
  • Using external JavaScript files
  • jQuery
    • What is jQuery & how does it fit in?
    • How to use jQuery Plugins
  • GreenSock (GSAP)
    • What is GreenSock & how does it fit in?
    • When to use GreenSock versus jQuery or other JS libraries

This seminar is meant for people that have prior experience coding HTML and CSS.

Not currently scheduled. Want to see this seminar again? Send us a note:

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