What Can You Do with React Skills?

Learn how React, a versatile JavaScript tool, can open up a variety of professional and personal opportunities. From web and UI development to creating your own app or game, our guide covers how mastering React can significantly enhance your career options.

Key Insights

  • React, a JavaScript library, is used to create interface components on websites and apps, promoting faster page load times and efficient use of computer power.
  • Professional uses for React are abundant, particularly in JavaScript and web development, as well as user interface design.
  • React's ability to load new elements as required makes it a valuable tool for optimizing websites for mobile devices, handling heavy traffic, and managing large web sections.
  • React can significantly enrich personal projects, such as enhancing portfolio websites, creating personal apps, or developing indie games.
  • Noble Desktop offers courses and bootcamps to help you master React, including the React Development Bootcamp and Full Stack Web Development Certificate.
  • While specific salaries aren't mentioned, the versatility and professional demand for React skills suggest promising earning potential in various development roles.

React has incredible professional uses because it applies to a broad range of programs, companies, and industries. If you’re unsure if learning React is right for you, this guide will cover a handful of React tools and techniques to help you plan your career. Not only will learning React open up more career opportunities, but it will also help you with the personal projects you have in your corner.

What is React?

React is a JavaScript library that allows new user interface (UI) components to appear on websites and apps without reloading the page. Jordan Walke, a Software Engineer at Meta, created it to make Facebook’s News Feed load faster. It was later added to Instagram and became open-source for the benefit of the public. Now it’s one of the go-to JavaScript libraries for most websites and apps. Most people use React in web and mobile development because of its flexibility, versatility, and ability to save computer power. 

Read more about what React is and why you should learn it. 

Professional Uses for React

React has many professional uses, and you’ll learn about plenty of them if you choose to explore JavaScript classes. Here are a handful of career paths that use React heavily: 

JavaScript Development

React is a JavaScript program, and naturally, it’ll easily fall into JavaScript development training programs. Once you’ve learned the basics of JavaScript, React is typically one of the first tools new programmers learn, but even advanced professionals use it consistently. That’s because it takes the load off of back-end programs and helps to speed up pages. Once you’re proficient with React, learning other aspects of JavaScript development will feel easier. 

Web Development

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Most web development courses cover React once the basics of web development have been taught. That’s because web development involves JavaScript as part of its curriculum, and React is one of the most important tools to a Web Developer’s professional skill set since many websites need to optimize for mobile devices, heavy traffic, and large sections that aren’t easily divided between different pages. React allows for easier navigation by only adding in new elements as needed, allowing you to place the important ones front and center. 

User Interface (UI) Design

React is naturally related to user interface (UI) design because React generates templates for user interface elements. The two topics go hand-in-hand, although it certainly helps to understand how to create the template with React before you design it. Still, if you have any UI design experience, React will be an amazing skill to enhance it and vice versa. 

Other Uses for React

While React has plenty of professional applications, there are still loads of ways you can apply it for personal use. Here are ways to enhance a personal project or your overall online presence. 

Spice Up Your Portfolio

Many people have a website for their personal projects, and React can be used to enhance the works you already have in place. Think of it this way: if you have everything on your portfolio simultaneously, your website will be slow to load. Even if you break it up into sections, some sections might be larger than others, affecting how quickly people can access your work. React allows the works to appear as they search through them, which could lead to more opportunities since more people can look at your work with relative ease. 

Make Your Own App

It’s a common joke that everything has an app nowadays, but there’s a reason people joke about it. Making your own app has never been easier, but making an app well is a different story. React is an essential part of apps since its ability to load reusable elements improves the overall experience and enhances people’s experience with it. If you have a well-constructed app, even for a personal project, that will stand out to people personally and professionally.

Create a Game

Similar to apps, making games has become easier, and the indie gaming market is increasing as more resources become available to the public. What most new game developers overlook is—you guessed it—React. Lag is a consistent issue for many games; even professional AAA titles struggle to balance gameplay with performance. React helps prevent delays by loading new elements only when needed and letting the important elements stand out when it’s their time to shine. 

Learn React Skills with Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop has plenty of resources to help you through your React learning journey, including courses and bootcamps to help you land that dream job. These programs feature many benefits, including expert instructors, small class sizes, and free retake options. A few notable options are the React Development Bootcamp, JavaScript Development Certificate, and, if you prefer using React for websites, Full Stack Web Development Certificate. If you’re not ready to commit to a program, you can look through the React courses available. 

You can also learn more about React through Noble Desktop’s React Learn Hub guides.

Key Takeaways

  • React has professional uses in JavaScript, web, and user interface (UI) development. 
  • You also can use it to enhance your personal portfolio or create an app or game.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive React training programs through in-person and live online courses. 


How to Learn React

Master React with hands-on training. React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries. With React, you can make your websites interactive for users.

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