Learn Sketch’s Advanced Features & InVision

Kick your Sketch skills up a notch and dive deeper into this amazing design app. Building on the topics we cover in our beginning Sketch in a Day class, you'll learn some of Sketch's more advanced features.

Turn your designs into clickable prototypes using Sketch’s native prototyping tools as well as using InVision and the InVision Craft plugin.

You’ll learn how to share symbols and styles across files (and computers) to keep everything in sync and updated. This is useful for individual designers, but especially important when managing a team of designers to make sure everyone is using the latest design components.

Start using Sketch plugins that add new features and save time by making things easier, using plugins that we recommend. For example, you can export specs to give your web developer so they can inspect a Sketch layout for size, colors, fonts, spacing, copy CSS code, and more—all from a web browser without having to own Sketch.

This course has a prerequisite

Be comfortable with the basics of Sketch. This class builds on our Sketch in a Day class, so you should have equivalent knowledge.