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SEO in a Day

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most critical marketing skills this century. It's essential for almost any business, and one of the top 5 most requested skills on LinkedIn. Good SEO can bring in millions in business; bad SEO can ruin a business. We'll cover the secrets to Search Engine Optimization in this one-day workshop, through lessons and labs where you will actually devise your own keyword strategy. This class is for business owners, marketers, and frontend coders who want to greatly enhance their marketability. Learn how to get any website listed higher, if not at the absolute top of search engine rankings.

Instructor Bio: Nicole McCullum is the founder of Captivate Designs, a website design and SEO company servicing clients globally.  She specializes in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs generate more leads, attract more clients, and grow their business online through Captivating Website Design, Do it for You SEO services and Do it Yourself SEO training. Nicole’s tips & strategies have been published on Forbes,, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Smart Hustle Magazine, Black Enterprise and more. You can follow her on Twitter @nicolemccullum

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Price: $325 Click for Discounts

  • 6 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Mac or PC

What You’ll Learn

Class Syllabus
  • How search engines work
  • Keyword research: What is keyword research and how to do keyword research
  • How to do a competitive analysis to find the best keywords
  • Keyword research lab
  • How to optimize your website (On-page SEO)
  • On page SEO lab
  • How to rank at the top of Google (Off-page SEO)
  • How to acquire backlinks