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Digital Photography Bootcamp

Digital Photography Classes in NYC

This course provides hands-on, practical instruction to learn the skills and techniques for taking high-quality professional photographs. 

On day one, students will learn to use digital cameras in manual mode, including full manual control of the Aperture control of the lens, the shutter speed of the camera, and the ISO sensibility of the camera sensor. Students will learn how to work with the correct exposure in all lighting situations, including taking creative snapshots and achieving special results.  

On day two, students learn professional photography work-flows as well as a wide variety of studio lighting concepts and equipment setup.

On the third day, students practice with one, two, and three-light setups using professional studio equipment and real-world photo shoot scenarios.  

This course is a great fit for all photography enthusiasts, from beginners to those with knowledge in working with cameras.

  • 18 Hours
  • Small classes
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Free retake

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594 Broadway, NYC

What You’ll Learn

  • The different types of cameras and lenses, and the best usages for each
  • Taking photographs in manual mode
  • Using shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity
  • Controlling light with exposure compensation, light balance, and flash
  • Creating various focal points and other creative effects 
  • Studio Workflow 
  • Camera calibration, sync speed, and other settings for studio photography
  • Types of lights and how to use various lighting equipment 
  • Hands-on studio shoot examples
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Digital Photography Bootcamp Class Syllabus

Section 1
Camera Types
  • Types of cameras and differences between camera types
  • DSLR cameras
  • Mirrorless cameras
  • Sensor Sizes
  • Buying the correct camera for YOU
  • Camera Equipment: What you’ll need
  • Lens properties & types
  • Focal Length
Shooting in Manual Mode
  • Benefits of Manual Mode
  • Camera controls
  • Raw vs JPG
The Exposure Triangle
  • Why you should choose one shutter speed over another
  • Camera shutter speed for freezing action
  • Shutter speed for blurring motion
  • Why might you choose one aperture over another
  • Depth of Field
  • ISO sensitivity
  • Controlling noise
  • Exposure value (EV) and exposure compensation
Using Flash
  • Types of light
  • Angles of light
  • Flash vs strobes
  • Equipment
Creative Effects
  • Focal Points
  • White balance
  • Color temperature
  • Practice
Section 2
Studio Workflow Overview
  • Camera settings for studio
  • White balance
  • Camera calibration
  • Sync speed
  • Aperture settings and studio examples
Studio Lighting
  • Light Meter
  • Trigger
  • Gear
  • Types of lights: Constants vs strobes
  • Intensity and power
  • Direction
  • Quality and Behavior
  • Light modifiers
Practical Examples
  • Softbox, beauty dish, umbrella, reflectors, and others
Section 3
Practice Photo Shoots
  • Shoot portrait with one light
  • Shoot portrait with two and three lights
  • Shoot beauty dish
  • Shoot clam shell
  • Shoot dramatic
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$975 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC