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6-Hour Workshop

Digital Photography in a Day: Camera, Shoot, Edit

Spend a weekend day becoming a better digital photographer. The day is comprised of two sections (available separately if you wish):

  • NYC Street Photography Tour (includes DSLR basics)
  • Managing & Editing Photos

NYC Street Photography Tour 10am–1pm

We’ll begin with a 1-hour crash course in how to use your Digital SLR: setting exposure, f-stop, shutter speed, ISO and white balance. Then we’ll look at the work of some great street photographers, discussing photographic composition on the street. Then we’ll head out to one of NYC’s downtown neighborhoods where we’ll troubleshoot technical & practical issues that come up while shooting, looking at, and discussing each other’s work.

Lunch 1–2pm

Grab a bite to eat (not included in price)

Managing & Editing Photos 2–5pm

What do you do with all those photos you've taken? We’ll follow a digital workflow from uploading pictures to your computer, editing and organizing your photos, basic photo processing (color balance, enhancing photos, creating B&W conversions) and sharing your photos on the web. We will look at the many useful features in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Also covered will be archiving and keeping your pictures safe from hard drive failure, handling digital files while traveling, using plug-ins and basic color management while printing. This session is designed for photographers with a basic working knowledge of digital cameras who are familiar with a Mac or PC.

Pricing & Registration

Digital Photography in a Day

Both Sesssions: $300

Want to Take Just One Session?

  • NYC Street Photography Tour: $150
  • Managing & Editing Photos: $150

The unemployment discount does not apply to these classes.

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