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Advanced Excel & Financial Modeling Intensive

Finance Training for College Students

In this 4-day bootcamp over winter break in New York City, you'll learn advanced Excel, financial accounting, corporate finance, and financial modeling. 

  • Day 1: Core Excel Skills: Learn formulas, functions, Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, advanced analytical tools, and shortcuts
  • Day 2: Advanced Excel for Finance: Cover financial functions, Excel modeling, sensitivity analysis, and Excel techniques you need to succeed as a financial analyst
  • Day 3: Accounting, Finance, Intro to Financial Modeling: Review essential financial accounting and corporate finance concepts needs for financial modeling
  • Day 4: Financial Modeling Intensive: Build a Discounted Cash Flow model on a real public company

Note: Tuition to this course includes free entry into our Excel Fundamentals course. See course dates and email us after you register for the program to enroll in Excel Fundamentals for free. 

Pair this with Python & Data Science in our Finance Technology Certificate

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Top Instructors
  • Free Retake

Why Learn Financial Modeling?

  • Build Intuition & Analytical Skills: Throughout the course, we will use real-world examples and financial data, so you're prepared for a position as a financial analyst. We use these examples to help build intuition for how Excel modeling, financial accounting, and valuation work together, instead of just providing unfounded formulas. You will also read company financials, presentations, and management commentary to determine the revenue projections and profitability ratios.
  • Excel Tricks: A keys to success for any financial analyst is efficiency. The class provides extensive Excel tips and tricks that you will need to cut down errors and hours of work.
  • 100% Practical: We've cultivated a course that focuses 100% on the practical skills and knowledge required for analyst and associate positions at investment banking, hedge funds, private equity, and asset management. 

Learn Real-World Design & Coding Skills

“Noble Desktop is far and away the most efficient way of gaining computer graphics skills. They give real-world exercises to work on, teach best practices, and inspire many an ‘aha!’ moment. Highly recommended.”
Joanne Hu

Students learning graphic design & coding at Noble Desktop

29 Years of Experience

Since 1990 we have perfected the craft of teaching. If students get hung up on an issue, we tweak the class to make it better. We’re the longest running independent training center for code and design in NYC.

Students learning hands-on at Noble Desktop