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WordPress Post Formats

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Break up the monotony of your blog flow by changing individual blog post formats. Watch our tutorial to find out how. 

Exploring Post Formats

Some themes allow for something called “Post Formats,” and these are different designs for individual posts. You can assign them to change the appearance of an individual post, which allows you to spice up your blog roll.

As you’ll notice, there’s the "Maui" post on top of the "Hawaii" post. And you can see what it looks like. However, I’m going to go back to my post. I’m going to open up the Settings, and under the document here I’m going to into Status & Visibility. You’ll notice Post Formats, so this theme has two formats to choose from.

I’m going to change it from Standard to Aside.

Click Update. Now it’s going to change the appearance of this particular post in the blog roll.

You’ll notice it’s updated. I’m going to go back. Look here—I’m going to refresh. You’ll see the appearance changed because I used a different post format.

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