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Deleting WordPress Pages

Free WordPress Video Tutorials

Learn how to permanently delete unwanted WordPress pages to free up storage and stay organized. See our free video tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Why Delete, and How

If I’ve got a page I don’t want, it's worth removing since it takes up storage. Plus, it might confuse my team or me as I’m working on it.

I’m going to hover in the Sidebar Menu over Pages and go to All Pages. Now I have a list of all my pages.

This guy (see video) came in from the installation of WordPress itself. I can hover over this particular post and go to Trash. Now, it’s not gone! If I made a mistake, I could undo this action. Or, I can go into the trash, and I can restore it manually, and it goes back into my menu structure. However, if I want this gone, I’m going to click Delete Permanently.

Once I do that, it’s gone—I can’t retrieve it anymore. And now you’ll notice that there are two pages: one that’s published, and one that’s a draft.

This one, of course, from the new security policies dealing with overseas—and that’s why it’s a draft. It was created for me. I don’t need that, but there’s the page that I created. And I could create additional pages as well.

Go Beyond WordPress

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