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Adding a YouTube Video to WordPress

Free WordPress Video Tutorials

Adding videos to your WordPress can really enhance your user experience. Not only that, if you upload videos via YouTube, you can save on essential site storage as well. Watch our free video tutorial to find out how!

Adding Video to Posts

All I need is the link from YouTube, and of course, you can have your own private (so no one can find it) videos on YouTube, but store it there, and that’s going to save you on storage costs for your hosting.

I’m going to add my video down below here, so I’m going to add a block. Now I’m going to Embed and you’ll notice there are a bunch of different things in here. The two most important ones for multimedia are YouTube and SoundCloud for video and audio, respectively.

For now, I’ll add YouTube. Notice it’s just waiting for me to either type or paste the link in. I’ll click Embed. There it is, and it’s ready to go.

Now I can update that. Refresh. There’s my video, and I can play it!

Go Beyond WordPress

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