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Formatting WordPress Text: Quotes

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Learn how to format quotes in WordPress for an eye-catching look. 

Drawing the Reader to Your Quote

Notice in the video I have a block of text. It's a quote from Mark Twain that still needs to be formatted.

I’m going to click inside (see video). Once that little bar comes up, I’m going to transform this to a quote. After I do that, it’s going to change its appearance based on the theme. And notice, it’s waiting for the citation down here. So, I’m just going to cut that information out and add it down here as the citation.

If I change my theme, the appearance of the quote will change as well. However, notice it shows you that it’s different from the rest of the content, and it’s formatted now as a quote to draw attention specifically to it. Voilà! That's how you format a quote in WordPress.

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