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Adding Content to a New WordPress Post

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Learn how to use the block features in WordPress to add new content.

New Post Options

You’ll see WordPress 5 uses blocks. You’ve got two here: one that says Add Title, and another that allows me to input copy.

I can create as many different types of blocks as I want, but I’m just going to put in my title. Notice I can start typing here, or I can bring in other text.

As I do this, notice that I can also add an image, a heading, or an image gallery. But I’m just going to put in the text.

Also, I have text that someone else gave me; I’ve copied text from someplace else. I’m just going to click there and paste it in. This happens a lot: you have a content specialist or an editor that gives you the content, or you’re grabbing it off of another site. I want you to notice what it’s done, though; it’s broken each of these guys up as separate paragraph blocks. Meaning I can organize them in a different structure if I want the layout to change.

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