Google Analytics Training & Classes for Employees: Review Corporate Training Options

Google Analytics is an essential tool for marketing strategies and enhancing sales in businesses. Corporate training in Google Analytics can benefit both the employees and the company by offering insights into potential customers' interests, aiding in better business decisions, and improving the overall customer experience.

Key Insights

  • Google Analytics is a free tool that collects and tracks user data, aiding in improving website or app's performance.
  • Data analytics is beneficial for all employees as it provides insights on marketing goals and helps in developing effective strategies.
  • Skill set in Google Analytics can prove advantageous for employees in various roles including Managers, designers, developers, and sales staff.
  • Companies can opt for either onsite or online corporate Google Analytics training tailored to business needs and staff requirements.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive in-person or live online corporate Google Analytics training, with an option for custom training curriculum.
  • Employees skilled in Google Analytics can significantly contribute to increasing website traffic and sales, giving the company a competitive edge.

More than 28 million websites use Google Analytics to track visitors and their behavior. Employees who know how to use this vital tool can help companies meet their marketing goals and increase sales. Read on to learn what to consider when looking for corporate Google Analytics training options and to understand the options that are available for onsite and online training.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (or GA) is a tool within the Google Marketing Platform that collects and tracks user data, compiles it into reports, and helps you develop strategies to improve your website or app’s performance. Just install a tracking code onto each page of your website to collect information about visitors and what they do there. GA can tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and the best part is it’s free to use. 

Read more about what Google Analytics is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Google Analytics Skills?

Google Analytics is a highly customizable free tool that collects, stores, and reports on data to help marketers learn what strategies are working and what aren’t. It can help you make better business decisions and identify specific problems on your website. Use Google Analytics to measure the customer experience from when they enter your website or app to when they leave, such as how they found your site, who purchased something, what pages your visitors looked at, how they moved through the site, and so much more.

Benefits of Google Analytics Corporate Training

Google Analytics gives businesses a glimpse into their potential customers' lives and interests, which is vital to setting and meeting marketing goals. Employees who are adept at using GA can make a big difference, especially in small and medium-sized businesses.

Corporate training in Google Analytics will benefit your business because today’s business environment changes rapidly, and keeping up with those changes can translate into dollars. It’s more important than ever to ensure that your staff is up to date with the latest version of Google Analytics because it can do so much across your company.

Data analytics is no longer the exclusive purview of wonks and nerds. Everyone on the staff can benefit from the ability to check on goals and pull up reports. Corporate Google Analytics training gives your employees a valuable tool to make their jobs easier and helps them see where they fit into the marketing process. Graphic Designers and Content Managers benefit from learning Google Analytics as much as Data Analysts.

Ultimately, your company will benefit the most from Google Analytics corporate training. This investment in your employees adds to their skill sets, supports team building, and increases morale. Not only will learning Google Analytics benefit your business, but it will also benefit your employees.

Who Benefits Most from Google Analytics Corporate Training?

While Data Analysts need a thorough grounding in Google Analytics, training other employees in this valuable tool can benefit your business, too. Understanding how to collect and interpret data lets employees see the effect of what they do, and shared knowledge helps departments communicate more effectively. Managers, designers, developers, and sales staff can all benefit from learning GA. 

New Skills or Upskilling?

Should you schedule a company-wide training session to ensure everyone has at least an introduction to Google Analytics, or is a smaller, more targeted course better? That depends on your situation and the current abilities of employees. If your company is expanding and hiring a significant number of new staff, a large gathering to give everyone a good grounding would be beneficial. If your team is already trained in Google Analytics but some need an update, a session for a smaller audience would meet your needs.

Consider the size and design of your business when arranging for corporate Google Analytics training. Whether your staff is learning new skills or upskilling depends on the business size. Medium-sized and larger businesses are often organized into departments with different roles, but in small companies, employees tend to wear many hats. 

Onsite or Online?

You have several options for corporate Google Analytics training for your staff. Trainers can come to your offices and set up in a conference room for in-person training. Many people are more comfortable with this arrangement because it looks more like the traditional class they are used to, with an instructor present and participants asking questions.

Sometimes in-person classes are unavailable in your area, but you can still arrange for practical corporate Google Ads training online. Live online courses use a remote instructor in an offsite classroom, with employees joining via a video conferencing platform like Zoom. This allows in-house staff to attend in a conference room at work and remote workers to log in from home or another location. Live online classes have many of the same benefits as in-person instruction.

Training Options for Employees

You can choose in-person or live online corporate Google Analytics training through Noble Desktop. Instructors can travel to your premises in the New York metropolitan region to lead in-person sessions, or your employees can travel to Noble’s Manhattan headquarters for training. You can also opt for live online instruction with an instructor in Noble’s computer classroom in Manhattan and your staff logging in from other locations. 

Noble’s instructors have spent years in the digital marketing industry, gaining experience with tools like Google Analytics. If you prefer, Noble can design a custom training curriculum tailored to your business and staff needs. Participants will receive course materials and supplements they can refer to later. 

Instead of arranging in-person or live online classes, you can purchase group class vouchers. Employees can attend one of Noble’s in-person Google Analytics classes in New York according to their schedules. Bulk voucher purchases also receive a discount. 

Supplemental Training Options

Your employees can enroll in Noble Desktop’s Google Analytics Bootcamp to learn how to collect and analyze data and generate valuable reports. The two-day session also covers recent updates to GA4.

If you want a broader focus on digital marketing, a few of your employees can attend Noble’s Digital Marketing Certificate course. This multi-session course covers Google Analytics and other aspects of digital marketing to teach your employees to create a successful campaign. Find out more about Google Analytics corporate training at

Key Takeaways

  • Google Analytics is a tool that collects and tracks user data.
  • Digital Marketing Data Analysts use Google Analytics to track what users do on websites and apps.
  • Employees who learn Google Analytics can increase website traffic and sales.
  • Corporate Google Analytics training gives a company a competitive edge.
  • You can hire new employees who know Google Analytics or arrange training for your current employees to expand their skill set.
  • When you choose corporate Google Analytics training, you can choose from these learning environments:
    • Live in-person instructor at your site
    • Live online class via video conferencing.
    • Group vouchers for In-person classes
  • Get comprehensive Google Analytics training through Noble Desktop, either in-person or online.

How to Learn Google Analytics

Master Google Analytics with hands-on training. Google Analytics is a platform that digital marketing professionals use to monitor and collect data on website traffic.

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