How Does Learning Google Analytics Compare with Other Skills?

Master the essential tools a Digital Marketer needs with Google Analytics, a tool that lets you set goals, identify a target audience, and monitor campaign performance. Where could Google Analytics skills lead you? Explore how related skills such as SEO, Google Ads, data science, coding, and web development can further boost your career.

Key Insights

  • Google Analytics is a crucial tool in digital marketing, allowing users to set goals, monitor campaign performance and target audiences effectively.
  • Google Analytics skills can lead to a variety of related training options and career paths, including SEO, Google Ads, data science, coding, and web development.
  • Noble Desktop provides comprehensive Google Analytics training, preparing students for the shift from Google Analytics Universal to GA4 in July 2024.
  • Learning SEO after mastering Google Analytics can drive organic traffic and increase sales without spending money on ads.
  • Data science expands your analytical skills, with applications in various industries such as finance, marketing, and healthcare.
  • Web development is another route to explore after Google Analytics, leading to a career in building websites using languages like Python, Ruby, and Django.

Data is at the heart of digital marketing, and Google Analytics is one of the essential tools a Digital Marketer can learn. Google Analytics lets you set goals, identify a target audience, and monitor campaign performance. You can make changes quickly using the data collected by Google Analytics. Researching complementary and related skills is an important factor in deciding to learn a new skill. Doing so will help you make more informed decisions about what you want to learn, and it will help you decide whether or not learning a specific skill is the right decision for you. You will also learn what skills you may want to learn to complement your training later. Read on to learn more about related Google Analytics training options such as SEO, Google Ads, data science, coding, and web development.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics (or GA) is a tool within the Google Marketing Platform that collects and tracks user data, compiles it into reports, and helps you develop strategies to improve your website or app’s performance. Just install a tracking code onto each page of your website to collect information about visitors and what they do there. GA can tell you what’s working and what isn’t, and the best part is it’s free to use. 

Read more about what Google Analytics is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Google Analytics Skills?

Google Analytics is a highly customizable free tool that collects, stores, and reports on data to help marketers learn what strategies are working and what aren’t. It can help you make better business decisions and identify specific problems on your website. Use Google Analytics to measure the customer experience from when they enter your website or app to when they leave, such as how they found your site, who purchased something, what pages your visitors looked at, how they moved through the site, and so much more.

Skills Related to Google Analytics

You can use Google Analytics to collect, analyze, and report on data to help you design and manage digital marketing campaigns. Once you have mastered GA, you can move on to other skills and tools to use in your marketing, like SEO and Google Ads, or learn a new but related skill, like data science, coding, or web development.


Once you have learned Google Analytics, learning SEO and website optimization is a logical next step. SEO, or search engine optimization, uses website optimization and keyword research to drive traffic and increase sales organically without spending money on ads. SEO works along with Google Analytics to help you rank higher on search pages, engage with your target audience, and increase trust in your website. You can learn about SEO from free videos and tutorials or sign up for Noble’s SEO Bootcamp, which introduces SEO and optimization best practices. 

Google Ads

Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click tool that lets you generate leads and sales very quickly. You control the tool's cost and only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads works fast, and you can increase spending as your marketing strategy grows. Google Ads has many aspects in common with Google Analytics, so it’s an easy move to learn Google Ads next. Noble Desktop offers a Google Ads Bootcamp covering Google’s paid advertising platform.

Data Science

Expanding your data science knowledge is another option if you have mastered Google Analytics and are looking for an additional skill to study. Data science is used in finance, marketing, and healthcare industries. Data Scientists and Data Analysts work with mathematics, computers, and artificial intelligence to help businesses use data to run more efficiently and effectively. Noble offers several data science classes, including a Python Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp, a FinTech Bootcamp, and a Data Analytics Certificate.


Go a bit further after Google Analytics and learn a coding language. Coding is a valuable skill and can lead to a programming or web development career. Python, SQL, and JavaScript are popular and useful languages to start with. They are among the languages used to build software tools, websites, mobile apps, and powerful software tools. Noble has many free video tutorials like Intro to React, Intro to Node.js, Intro to SQL, Intro to Python Fundamentals, and Making a Twitter Bot in Python as well as a JavaScript Development Certificate, Python Developer Certificate, and Software Engineering Certificate

Web Development

Another skill to explore after learning Google Analytics is web development. This is a specific kind of coding that builds websites. Web Developers, also known as Back End Developers, use coding languages Python, Ruby, and Django. You can learn these languages through Noble’s free video tutorial, Intro to Front End Web Development. Then you can sign up for a Full Stack Web Development Certificate to work as a Web Developer.

Learn Google Analytics Skills with Noble Desktop

Sign up for Noble Desktop’s Google Analytics Bootcamp to learn how to set up an account, which metrics to track, and how to generate reports. The classes also cover the upcoming change from Google Analytics Universal to GA4 in July 2024. 

You can also prepare for a career as a Data Analyst with Noble’s Digital Marketing Certificate. The course includes digital marketing, SEO, and Google Analytics bootcamps, plus Google Ads and classes on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter marketing, and content marketing with blogs.

Key Takeaways

  • Google Analytics is a tool that collects and tracks user data.
  • Digital Marketing Data Analysts use Google Analytics to track what users do on websites and apps.
  • Other training options after Google Analytics include:
    • SEO
    • Google Ads
    • Data science
    • Coding
    • Web development.
  • Get comprehensive Google Analytics training through Noble Desktop, either in-person or online.

How to Learn Google Analytics

Master Google Analytics with hands-on training. Google Analytics is a platform that digital marketing professionals use to monitor and collect data on website traffic.

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