Excel Training Cost

How Much Does it Cost to Learn Excel?

Looking to learn Excel? With a myriad of training options available, excel can be learned through in-person courses, online tutorials, bootcamps, and even through a traditional university degree, all coming at different costs.

Key Insights

  • Microsoft Excel is a versatile spreadsheet application that offers tools for data organization, management, analysis, and visualization.
  • Excel's features include data organization, sharing workbooks, working across multiple devices, importing financial transactions, and advanced data analysis tools like PivotTables.
  • Costs associated with learning Excel can vary greatly depending on the method of learning, ranging from free online tutorials to traditional university degrees costing tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Noble Desktop offers in-person and online Excel courses catering to different learning levels, with prices ranging from $229 to $1,099.
  • Free introductory Excel courses are also offered online by institutions like Noble Desktop, providing a basic understanding of the application.
  • Excel is a valuable skill in the job market, used in various careers ranging from business analysts to financial advisors.

Are you looking to learn Excel? If so, it’s an affordable spreadsheet application that costs $6.99 a month or can be used for free on the web. Beyond this, something you’ll want to consider is the cost of Excel training. If you’re interested in studying Excel, a variety of training options are available. Certificate study in Excel typically involves weeks of class meetings, which can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. Bootcamps are also available, which are usually shorter in duration and cost a few hundred dollars. There are also online tutorials and videos available for those interested in asynchronous learning, ranging in price from free to approximately $100. Read on to find out more about how much you can expect to spend on learning Excel.

What is Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application created by Microsoft in 1985. Excel is a powerful and valuable resource for organizing data and numbers using functions and formulas. It also comes with graphing tools to help visualize data findings, a programming language known as Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) used to create macros, and advanced calculation capabilities. Excel works on both Mac and Windows operating systems.

The cells within an Excel spreadsheet each contain data, like formulas, numbers, or text, which can be organized and analyzed. Excel is a useful tool for performing various calculations on spreadsheets. It can calculate statistics, perform repeated and advanced calculations, analyze data, and create graphical representations of the data, such as graphs, charts, and PivotTables.

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What Can You Do with Excel?

Excel has hundreds of features and tools that help users organize, manage, analyze, and visualize data. The following are just a few of the tools and features that make Excel the go-to for professionals around the globe:

  • In Excel, users can add or average numbers in cells, locate high, median, or low values, count cells containing numbers, and find a product by multiplying cells. It’s also possible to delete extra white space and truncate numbers by removing fractions.
  • Excel can learn your patterns the more you use it so that it can organize your data and ultimately save time.
  • Users can share workbooks with others in real-time to ensure that all collaborators have the most up-to-date version.
  • It’s possible to work on Excel files from the web and mobile and desktop devices.
  • Users can now add data right into Excel from a photo. The Excel app enables users to take a picture of printed data with their iPhone or Android, then convert this image into an editable Excel table. This helpful trick helps users avoid manually entering hard copy data and is made possible through Excel’s image recognition capabilities.
  • Financial transactions can be imported into Excel so that users can organize and review their financial information and receive helpful insights toward making more informed financial decisions.
  • Excel’s PivotTables help users perform analysis and summaries of datasets, regrouping spreadsheet data for more effective comparisons. By seeing data from different perspectives, it’s possible to get a more comprehensive picture of revenue sources and other vital information.

In-Depth Review of the Training Cost

Learning Microsoft Excel has never been easier, thanks to the different kinds of training options available in-person and on the internet. In terms of deciding which one is the best for you, the cost can be an important determinant.

The most expensive type of Excel study is at a four-year college or university. Those enrolled in these degrees often spend tens of thousands of dollars a year on studying. However, Excel would only be one of many topics taught in a college or university setting. Although this form of study is a good option for some learners, it may not be the best option if you’re looking to learn Excel in a shorter timeframe or as a stand-alone skill.

In-person Excel courses are also available from top educational providers such as Noble Desktop. These courses are much shorter in duration than college study and typically span just one or several days. They are also available for learners who are new to Excel, as well as intermediate or advanced spreadsheet users who are interested in mastering more complex formulas or functions. In-person learning provides a learning setup in which a computer is available, and the newest version of Excel is installed and ready to use. In addition, studying in a traditional classroom allows you to connect with other students, which some extroverted learners prefer. However, in-person study also requires commuting to and from campus, as well as attending regularly scheduled meetings, which can be difficult to balance with work.

Live online instruction is a great alternative for those who want to connect with an instructor in real-time but also want to work from the comfort of their own home. Learning Excel in the live online environment still provides the same instruction as in-person study and also allows you to ask questions and receive immediate feedback. Best of all, you won’t have to battle rush-hour traffic or search for parking each time class meets.

In addition, free Excel learning resources are also available. These are a great starting point for those who are new to Excel and want to gain a general overview of the application and its basic capabilities. However, if you want to dive into Excel and become familiar with its more advanced uses and features, paid training is often needed to help you fully retain the information.

Free Introductory Excel Course Online

If you aren’t ready to dive into an entire Excel course but are instead looking for an overview of how to work with this spreadsheet app, you can get started learning Excel for free online. Noble Desktop, a top education provider, currently offers this free introductory Excel course. It provides an hour of instruction on practical Excel skills, such as splitting and joining text, navigating shortcuts, inserting screenshots, and removing duplicates.

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Learn Excel with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Are you looking to learn how to use Microsoft Excel, the industry-standard spreadsheet application? If so, Noble Desktop currently offers a variety of Excel courses in NYC and live online. Classes are available for those new to Excel and for learners who regularly work with this spreadsheet application and wish to improve their skills. In addition, in-person and live online Excel courses are available through Noble Desktop or one of its affiliate schools. A variety of course options are offered, ranging in duration from three hours to two days and costing between $229 and $1,099.

Noble Desktop’s Excel Bootcamp provides an excellent option for those who want to master core Excel concepts, such as working with PivotTables and What-If Analysis. Students who enroll in this rigorous, 21-hour course can elect to study in person in Manhattan or learn in the live online environment. This small class comes with the option of a free retake and covers a variety of Excel concepts applicable to the business world.

How to Learn Excel

Master Excel with hands-on training. Excel is the leading spreadsheet application used by over 750 million people worldwide.

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