Which Industries & Professions Use Django?

Learn how Django's use in web development, data science, and more opens up a variety of career paths across industries. Understanding Django can lead to roles like Web Developer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, and others in the technology, entertainment, news, and social media industries.

Key Insights

  • Django is a popular Python web framework used for efficient web development through reusable components.
  • Professionals with Django skills can find employment in various roles such as Web Developers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, and more.
  • Django is used across numerous industries including technology, entertainment, news, and social media.
  • In the technology industry, Django is frequently used for building websites, web-based applications, deploying projects, and data management.
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for Data Scientists and Web Developers is expected to be 36% and 23% respectively between 2021 and 2031.
  • Noble Desktop offers comprehensive in-person and live online Django classes, including the Python Developer Certificate and Software Engineering Bootcamp.

If you are considering professional Django training, you may wonder which industries and professions use Django. An important aspect of receiving professional Django training to set yourself up for a career change is learning what fields and industries that training will help you find work in. Each industry will have different requirements and expectations for prospective employees, and you should consider these expectations when you start your training. This is true for students who have an idea of what kind of work they want to do and those who aren’t yet sure what path to take after learning Django skills.

What is Django?

Django is a popular, open-source Python web framework used to rapidly, efficiently, and securely develop websites and web applications. Django streamlines the web development process by emphasizing reusable components. These components eliminate the need for developers to manually enter the same code repeatedly. The time Django saves developers empowers web development teams to increase scalability, meet deadlines, and quickly build multiple websites and web applications.

Read more about what Django is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Django Skills?

Django has numerous use cases for web development, data science, and more. Python objects called models allow Django web applications to query and manage data. Django’s template systems allow developers to define an output document’s structure, delivering content in nearly any format, including RSS feeds, HTML, XML, and JSON. Django supports its native templating system, the Jinja2 Python library out of the box, and can also be modified to support other systems. 

Other things you can do with Django include: 

  • Collecting user data with HTML forms
  • Manage a user permission and authentication system
  • Create an administration site
  • Serialize data

Common Industries That Use Django

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Web Developers, Data Scientists, Software Engineers, and more use Django. Django is used for tasks like building websites, deploying projects with Git, interacting with APIs, sorting and analyzing data, and automating tasks. Because of its many uses, professionals can use Django in many different industries, including technology, entertainment, news, and social media.


As a Python web framework, Django is often used when building websites and web-based applications. It can also be used as part of backend development for mobile apps. Django is favored in the technology industry because its emphasis on reusable components saves time and allows teams to work more efficiently. This allows teams to meet deadlines, increase scalability, take on more projects, and take on additional clients, resulting in increased revenue. 

Django Developers and other professionals who use Django for these purposes may work for a single company building and managing that company’s websites and web-based applications. Other professionals may build websites and applications for clients, either through an agency or company that offers these services or as Freelance Developers.

Data Scientists also use Django in the technology industry. Django can help manage, sort, and analyze data, which are crucial tasks entrusted to Data Scientists. 

The job outlook for both Web Developers and Data Scientists is strong. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts job growth of 36% for Data Scientists between 2021 and 2031. BLS also predicts that demand for Web Developers/Designers will grow by 23% in that same period. 


Django is also used on some entertainment platforms. One well-known example is Spotify, which uses Django to manage its RSS feed. Spotify is used to bring podcasts, music, and audiobooks to listeners worldwide. It also uses Python programming for other aspects of the platform, such as backend services and data analysis. 

Another way Django impacts the Entertainment industry is through Eventbrite. Eventbrite manages events and ticketing services for those events. Originally, the app and website were designed to help users find free and paid events based on search criteria such as location. After 2020, with many events going virtual due to world circumstances, the platform expanded to include online events. Eventbrite migrated to Django in 2010 to create a more vibrant and feature-rich community. Django also allows the platform to build forms, route URLs, and more.


Django was, quite literally, made for news and journalism. Django began when developers Simon Willison and Adrian Holovaty created it to quickly build multiple news sites for Lawrence Journal-World. These sites needed to be similar, but localized, constantly churning out new content. Django was made open-source, meaning it is free for the public to use, in 2005, and now has almost 20 years of use and improvement behind it. 

Django works for creating a custom Content Management System (CMS), which is especially useful for news sites. National Geographic uses Django for its CMS since they constantly publish new content. While the role of a Software Developer or Web Developer may not be the first role you think of when you consider the news industry, such developers are very much needed now and in the future, especially as digital content and a 24/7 news cycle demand platforms that can keep pace. 

Social Media

Django is used for many famous social media platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest. You can also create your own social media app using Django. 

Instagram is used by so many people and hosts so much content that efficiency is a must. Instagram’s developers used Django to create custom tools that help the company meet its goals. 

Pinterest is a platform for sharing ideas, crafts, travel destinations, and hobbies through images that are saved to boards. Pinterest uses Django to regularly modify its framework to provide users with an appealing interface. 

You can also use Django to help create your own social media app. Companies wishing to create their own social platform will gladly hire an in-house or freelance Django Developer. 

Learn Django Skills with Noble Desktop

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Key Takeaways

  • Django is a Python web framework used in many industries and professions. 
  • Professions that use Django include Web Developers, Software Developers, and Data Scientists. 
  • Industries that use Django include the technology, entertainment, news, and social media fields, among others. 
  • You can receive comprehensive Django training through Noble Desktop’s online and in-person classes.

How to Learn Django

Master Django with hands-on training. Django is a popular Python web framework used for back end development.

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