Django Training & Classes for Employees: Review Corporate Training Options

Take your team's web development and data science skills to the next level with corporate Django training. Learn about the benefits, who can benefit the most, and various training options available, including onsite and online options.

Key Insights

  • Django is a popular Python web framework primarily used for creating websites and web-based applications. Its use also extends to back-end mobile app development and data science.
  • Corporate Django training can improve productivity, ensure consistency, increase job satisfaction, and give a company a competitive edge in the market.
  • Various professionals within a corporation can benefit from Django training including Web Developers, Data Scientists, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and IT Managers.
  • Training options depend on the number of employees and the team's schedule, with options for onsite, online, or fully remote learning.
  • Noble Desktop offers several training options including onsite corporate training, live online classes, and private training at Noble Desktop's New York City location.
  • Salaries for Django professionals are competitive, with Web Developers and Data Scientists potentially seeing increased salaries with further Django knowledge and experience.

Django is a Python web framework used primarily to create websites and web-based applications, but it also has uses in back-end mobile app development and data science. Django is often taught as part of Python programming training, meaning that taking a course to learn Django can provide additional valuable skills. Whether your Web Developers wish to learn the Python programming language or build on their knowledge of Django, or other professionals wish to learn Django as part of a Python curriculum, organizations can benefit from corporate Django training. 

Read on to learn about what to consider when looking for corporate Django training options and the options available for onsite and online training.

What is Django?

Django is a popular, open-source Python web framework used to rapidly, efficiently, and securely develop websites and web applications. Django streamlines the web development process by emphasizing reusable components. These components eliminate the need for developers to manually enter the same code repeatedly. The time Django saves developers empowers web development teams to increase scalability, meet deadlines, and quickly build multiple websites and web applications.

Read more about what Django is and why you should learn it. 

What Can You Do with Django Skills?

Django has numerous use cases for web development, data science, and more. Python objects called models allow Django web applications to query and manage data. Django’s template systems allow developers to define an output document’s structure, delivering content in nearly any format, including RSS feeds, HTML, XML, and JSON. Django supports its native templating system, the Jinja2 Python library out of the box, and can also be modified to support other systems. 

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Other things you can do with Django include: 

  • Collecting user data with HTML forms
  • Manage a user permission and authentication system
  • Create an administration site
  • Serialize data

Benefits of Django Corporate Training

Django is a popular Python web framework with many uses, though its primary use is for web development and web-based applications. Businesses large and small can benefit from corporate Django training. Some of these benefits include:

  • Improved productivity: Django training can equip employees such as Data Scientists and Web Developers with the necessary skills to work more efficiently, leading to increased productivity.
  • Consistency: Django training can ensure that all team members are following the same best practices and coding standards, leading to more consistent and maintainable code.
  • Increased job satisfaction: Providing opportunities for employees to learn new skills and technologies can lead to increased job satisfaction and reduce turnover.
  • Competitive advantage: Having a team with strong Django skills can give a company a competitive advantage in the marketplace, enabling them to build more complex and feature-rich web applications.

Overall, corporate Django training can help a company to build a more skilled and efficient development team, leading to improved productivity, higher quality code, and a more competitive edge in the market. 

There are different ways of providing corporate Django training depending on how many employees are enrolled in the class and what works for your team’s schedule. Onsite training options include having an expert instructor come to your office to teach a group of employees in person. Alternatively, teams may choose to learn at the office under the guidance of an instructor who teaches remotely. Some corporations choose a fully remote route, in which the instructor and the employees meet remotely through video conferencing. You can also choose whether to schedule a Django training class at a specific time, allowing teams and employees to learn alongside one another, or choose to have employees join open-enrollment classes at times that work for their individual schedules.

Who Benefits Most from Django Corporate Training?

Django is often taught as part of a more extensive Python programming curriculum. ​​Learning Django requires a solid foundational knowledge of Python and familiarity with object-oriented programming and is, therefore, not a skill for total beginners to learn. That said, many people within a corporation can benefit by learning more about Django. Some of the people who can benefit the most from Django corporate training include:

  • Web Developers: Web Developers can benefit from learning Django to enhance their web development skills and learn new techniques and best practices.
  • Data Scientists: Data Scientists may benefit from learning to use Django with data visualization tools and to sort and analyze data.
  • Project Managers: Project Managers can benefit from Django corporate training to understand the development process better, improve communication with developers, and ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  • Business Analysts: Business Analysts can benefit from Django corporate training to better understand a project's technical aspects and communicate more effectively with developers.
  • IT Managers: learning Django can allow IT Managers to better understand the technology used in their organization and manage technical teams more effectively.

Many employees within an organization can benefit from corporate Django training. By improving their skills and knowledge, employees can work more efficiently, communicate more effectively, and help to ensure the success of their projects.

New Skills or Upskilling?

Because learning Django involves a foundational understanding of Python and Object-Oriented Programming, it is not a skill well suited for general classes. Instead, it may benefit a Web Development team, Python Programmers, and data science teams to learn about Django or further their knowledge of Django. Corporations may wish to organize a small class of employees that learn alongside one another. However, if these employees have varying levels of familiarity with Django or Python programming, it may work best to allow students to join open-enrollment classes. This way, each student can choose a class that works best for their current level of understanding. Students can also seek a class with a curriculum that most closely aligns with their current role or career path. Corporations can also customize a curriculum to fit their needs.

If there are students seeking to learn new skills rather than upskill, taking a course that covers Python programming may best suit their needs. There are many different types of Python corporate training options available. Introductory classes help students gain a solid understanding of Python programming fundamentals. Most corporate training classes last a short time and focus on teaching specific skills and tools.

Onsite or Online?

Corporate Django training is offered onsite or online. Onsite corporate training involves an instructor teaching a group of employees at a business’s office. This can be beneficial for teams that want to learn together at the same time and for employees who prefer to learn face-to-face. Instructors can answer students’ questions and even tailor the class to fit the needs of a particular group of employees. 

Online corporate Django training involves an instructor providing real-time guidance remotely. If students are also remote, the class still has the ability to collaborate, ask questions, and receive guidance in real time. Even hands-on activities can be completed in a remote learning environment. Remote corporate training works well for corporations whose employees may be spread out across locations or remotely.

Training Options for Employees

Noble Desktop offers several training options for employees, including: 

  • Onsite corporate training
  • Live online classes
  • Private training at Noble Desktop

Onsite corporate training involves an expert instructor teaching the class in person at your office. This option is ideal for teams who prefer to learn together at their workplace simultaneously. You can choose from Noble's existing courses or customize a curriculum that caters to your organization's specific needs.

Live online corporate training is a virtual classroom experience that enables students to connect with an instructor in real time through teleconferencing. This provides students with immediate guidance and feedback while still providing the flexibility and convenience of remote learning. This training mode can be tailored to accommodate your team's schedule and is especially beneficial for organizations with employees in different regions.

Noble Desktop also provides corporate training at Noble’s New York City location. Students meet at Noble Desktop’s Midtown Manhattan office, which includes access to a modern computer lab. An expert instructor answers questions, teaches best practices, and leads the class through hands-on activities. 

When selecting a course for your organization's training needs, it's natural to question which courses will be most appropriate. Generally, introductory courses that span a day to a few days tend to be more suitable for corporate training. This enables teams and individuals to concentrate on developing specific skills within a fixed timeframe. Additionally, you have the option of tailoring classes to your specific requirements.

Supplemental Training Options

Businesses also have the option to purchase bulk class vouchers which enable employees to join open-enrollment courses at a discounted rate. This allows your employees to choose the course that teaches the skills most relevant to their position and to choose a class schedule that works for your organization. This option works best for businesses with several employees who wish to take different classes. These classes often meet outside of business hours, which removes the need to take time out of the workday. 

To learn more about Noble Desktop’s corporate coding training options, email

Key Takeaways

  • Corporate training offers many benefits for both businesses and employees. 
  • The benefits of Django corporate training include opportunities for internal advancement and the ability for development and data science teams to work more efficiently. 
  • You can receive comprehensive corporate Django training through Noble Desktop, either in person or online.

How to Learn Django

Master Django with hands-on training. Django is a popular Python web framework used for back end development.

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