Django Cost

How Much Does Django Cost?

Explore the uses and advantages of Django, a popular and free Python web framework, and its potential to advance your career as a Web Developer, Data Scientist, or Software Engineer. Discover how learning Django can increase your earning potential with jobs typically earning $80,000 to $100,000 annually and a projected growth in demand.

Key Insights

  • Django is an open-source Python web framework used to develop websites and web applications efficiently and securely.
  • With Django, you can build a wide range of websites, including Content Management Systems and social media platforms, while also managing user data and permissions.
  • Learning Django opens up career opportunities such as Web Developer, Data Scientist, or Software Engineer, with an estimated annual salary range of $80,000 to $100,000.
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 36% growth in demand for data science jobs from 2021 through 2031, making Django a valuable skill to learn.
  • Noble Desktop offers a range of hands-on Django training options, including the Software Engineering Bootcamp and the Python Developer Certificate.
  • In addition to Django, these courses also cover other critical skills like front end development, JavaScript development, and Python development.

Django is a free and open-source framework, so anyone can use the language and libraries at absolutely no cost. You can even find free tools like code editors. You can find and install the latest version of Django for free.

What is Django?

Django is a popular, open-source Python web framework used to rapidly, efficiently, and securely develop websites and web applications. Django began in 2003 as a way for developers Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison to quickly build Lawrence Journal-World’s multiple news sites, constantly churning out new content for various communities. Since the public first gained access to Django in 2005, developers worldwide have made use of this free framework and contributed to its advancement. Today, Django improvements are managed by the nonprofit Django Software Foundation.

Django streamlines the web development process by emphasizing reusable components. These components eliminate the need for developers to manually enter the same code repeatedly. The time Django saves developers empowers web development teams to increase scalability, meet deadlines, and build multiple websites and web applications in quick succession.

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What Can You Do with Django?

Wondering what you can do with Django? Django has numerous use cases for web development, data science, and more. Django can build all sorts of websites, including a Content Management System (CMS), news site, social media platform, and more. 

Python objects called models allow Django web applications to query and manage data. Django’s simple query API allows the associated database to be searched, enabling complex statements. 

Django’s template systems allow developers to define an output document’s structure. It delivers content in nearly any format, including RSS feeds, HTML, XML, and JSON. Django supports its native templating system, the Jinja2 Python library out of the box, and can also be modified to support other systems. 

Other things you can do with Django include: 

  • Collecting user data with HTML forms
  • Manage a user permission and authentication system
  • Create an administration site
  • Serialize data

In-Depth Review of the Cost

Django is a free Python web framework that costs nothing to download or install. This framework has been open-source (meaning available to the public) since 2005 and has well-established documentation and an avid community of users and contributors. The Django Software Foundation manages groups, contributions, and documentation and provides the latest version of Django. You can also browse the Django Project website to read news, join the community, read documentation, and more.

Before diving into Django, you will need a firm understanding of Python coding basics. You can start to learn Python for free through free trials and free introductory courses like Noble Desktop’s Intro to Python Fundamentals. When you are ready to start learning Django, free resources include free trials of on-demand courses and free webinars that provide an overview of the framework. Learn more about free Django videos and online tutorials.

Why Learn Django?

Django is a free, open-source web framework that uses the Python coding language. Learning Django can advance your career as a Web Developer, Data Scientist, or Software Engineer. These jobs typically earn an estimated $80,000 to upwards of $100,000 annually and show strong demand growth for the coming decade. For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that data science jobs will see an astounding 36% growth in demand from 2021 through 2031.

Development teams use Django to work quickly, increase scalability, and create secure web applications. Learning Django provides you with a versatile skill set applicable to various industries, including technology, healthcare, finance, and more.

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Free Introductory Django Course Online 

Before committing to a full course, you can gain an overview of Django with free introductory courses online. Noble Desktop’s Intro to Python Fundamentals is a free online course introducing Python coding to beginners.

Other on-demand online courses include video courses found on sites like Udemy and Coursera. Coursera’s Programming For Everybody (Getting Started with Python) class is an on-demand video series from the University of Michigan. This and other Coursera courses permit a seven-day free trial before committing to a paid plan. Coursera also offers Python courses from Google, IBM Skills Network, and The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The subscription platform Udemy also offers a seven-day free trial for the subscription-based model. A Udemy subscription allows you to take as many courses as you please. You can also purchase a course for a flat fee and progress through it at your own pace without a subscription. 

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Learn Django with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Learning Django not only requires learning the principles and applications of this framework but applying those concepts to real-world, hands-on projects. In-person and live online Django classes provide the opportunity to put theory into practice. Courses led by an instructor also grant you direct access to an expert that can help you overcome obstacles, answer your questions, and provide mentorship as you develop your Django skills.

You can learn Django with Noble Desktop’s hands-on training options like the Software Engineering Bootcamp, Python Developer Certificate, the Python Django Development course, and other Python classes and bootcamps

The Software Engineering and Python Developer certificate programs teach Django as part of a broader curriculum. The Software Engineering Certificate prepares students to become Full Stack Developers or Software Engineers with sections dedicated to front end development, JavaScript development, and Python development with Django. The Python Developer Certificate teaches beginners to use Django, Django REST, Git, SQL, and more. 

Students already familiar with Python but wishing for a deeper dive into Django can enroll in the Python Django Development course. This class covers the fundamentals of Django and how to use Django REST, which is used to build web APIs.

Noble’s small class sizes ensure you receive personal feedback from your instructor. Courses include free retakes and offer flexible payment plans so you can finance your new career without paying the full tuition upfront. Certificate courses also include one-on-one mentorship and the creation of professional portfolios to help you find a job in your new field.

How to Learn Django

Master Django with hands-on training. Django is a popular Python web framework used for back end development.

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