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Expand your understanding of data and elevate your career with these details on the importance of data, the benefits of learning through video tutorials, and the high demand and earning potential for careers such as Data Scientists and Data Analysts. Dive into the variety of accessible, flexible, and comprehensive video courses available on platforms like YouTube, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera, and learn how they can help you grasp data concepts, tools, and skills.

Key Insights

  • Data, comprising collected facts and statistics, plays a crucial role in tracking finances, marketing campaigns, market share, efficiency, and more for businesses. It is managed and utilized by careers such as Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, and Business Intelligence Analysts.
  • Understanding data science and data analytics can help business owners manage their organizations better, make marketing teams more efficient, assist business leaders in determining goals, and help launch various data-related careers.
  • Video tutorials offer easy access, auditory and visual learning, flexible pace, hands-on experience, and remote learning opportunity, making them a popular method for data learning.
  • Platforms like YouTube, Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera offer a multitude of video courses on data analytics and data science, many of which are free or available for as low as $30 per month.
  • The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the 2021 median pay for Data Scientists was $100,910 per year, with anticipated job growth of 36% over the next decade, highlighting the high demand and earning potential in data-related careers.
  • Noble Desktop offers hands-on data science and data analytics training with expert instructors, comprehensive projects, small class sizes, and free retake options, with courses like SQL Bootcamp and Tableau for Data Visualization.

Organizations use data to measure campaign success, track budgets, forecast future earnings, discover trends, and identify opportunities. Watching video tutorials online is a popular method of learning data. Videos are often free or highly affordable, can be rewatched as often as you want, shared with others, and visually and audibly demonstrate how data tools work. This article will cover a range of videos, including what they teach and where to find them.

What is Data?

Data refers to facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis. Data allows businesses to track finances, marketing campaigns, market share, efficiency, and more. Today, data management systems can sort complex data from numerous sources using artificial intelligence and machine learning, giving businesses unparalleled insights. Some data management systems can also make future projections based on existing data. These forecasts assist businesses in planning budgets, setting goals, determining deadlines, and more.

We all use data daily, but some professions specialize in gathering, analyzing, storing, and managing data. These careers include Data Analysts, Data Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Architects, Marketing Analysts, Business Systems Analysts, and more. Whether you wish to pursue one of these careers or simply want to understand the data systems and strategies that impact your business, online and in-person classes can teach you valuable skills. 

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What Can You Do with Data?

Data has nearly endless uses. Data measures the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, determines budgets, forecasts company growth, and highlights industry trends, trends within an organization, and more. Understanding data science and data analytics can help business owners better manage their organizations, help marketing teams become more efficient and effective, assist business leaders in determining goals, or help launch your career as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist. 

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Data science jobs include Python Engineers, Data Journalists, Data Engineers, Business Analysts, and more. Data Scientists create machine learning models that help process raw data, giving a company better insights. Analysts interpret and track this data to continuously improve processes. Data helps organizations make the most of every minute and every dollar, which is one reason Data Scientists and Data Analysts are in such high demand.

Why Are Video Tutorials Helpful When Learning Data?

You may be wondering what makes video tutorials so popular. Some benefits of learning data through video tutorials include the following: 

  • Videos are easy to access. You can find free video tutorials on sites like YouTube. Paid video courses are available on sites like Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Coursera for as little as $30 per month. 
  • Auditory listeners learn best by hearing information. Videos can be played and replayed to help retain what you’ve learned. 
  • Visual listeners benefit from being able to see or watch a lesson. Videos often include visualizations such as charts and graphs. Videos also demonstrate how to execute a data skill or use a data tool function step-by-step. 
  • Videos allow you to set the pace at which you learn. Many video players allow you to speed up or slow down the pace of the audio. You can rewatch lessons, skip to specific sections, pause videos, and save videos to return to at a later time.
  • You can use videos to get hands-on experience by following along with video tutorials.
  • You can access video courses on desktop and mobile devices, making it easy to learn remotely.
  • Video courses don’t require a specific meeting time, so your schedule can be as flexible as you like.
  • You are also in total control of what subjects you explore. You can find videos for just about any data skill or tool you wish to learn.
  • Free video courses help you decide what subjects you are interested in without committing to a paid class. You can discover which skills you feel confident learning on your own and which skills you may wish to reinforce with an instructor-led course.

Types of Data Videos

You can learn data through video tutorials and courses. Free video courses give you a high-level overview of different tools and topics, helping you decide what skills and tools you most want to learn. If you are curious about data science and want to know more about its professional applications, you can watch Noble Desktop’s free Get Started With Data Science video course. 

On-demand data training courses like those found on Coursera, Udemy, and LinkedIn Learning consist primarily of video content. These platforms use a paid subscription model but include free trial periods during which you can start classes and find ones you are interested in completing. These platforms include video courses on data analytics and data science. 

You don’t have to be an aspiring Data Analyst or Data Scientist to benefit from these lessons either. Tools like Google Analytics and Excel are used by all sorts of professionals, from Accountants to Marketers to Business Owners, etc.

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Why Learn Data?

Why should you learn data? Data informs business decisions by displaying the numbers behind the business. Data reveals how much money a business spends, how efficient company processes are, the effectiveness of marketing efforts, the cost to obtain a customer, how much revenue the company has coming in, and more. Reliable data is crucial to any organization’s health and success, whether the organization is a multinational company or a local nonprofit.

Data science uses scientific methods, systematic processes, and algorithms to filter, sort, organize, and manage raw data from numerous sources. Data Scientists and Data Analysts are in high demand and have high earning potential. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found the 2021 median pay for Data Scientists was $100,910 per year, with anticipated job growth of 36% over the next decade. Even if you do not wish to pursue a career as a Data Scientist or Data Analyst, data plays a critical role in marketing, project management, team leadership, and more. 

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How Difficult is It to Learn Data?

The difficulty level of learning data varies considerably based on your educational and professional background, familiarity with data concepts and tools, and the specific skills you wish to gain. Read on to learn more about the difficulty, prerequisites, and cost of learning data science and data analytics. 

Because much of data science depends on having a background in science, mathematics, and sometimes engineering, data analytics can prove a more accessible place to start. Many professions use data analytics daily, even if “analyst” is not in the job title. For example, Marketing Specialists, Marketing Managers, and other marketing professionals depend on data analysis to gauge the effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. Because so many professions use at least a basic level of data analysis, just about anyone can benefit by taking a data analytics course with broad applications, such as Noble Desktop’s Google Analytics Bootcamp or Excel for Data Analytics class. Individual, focused courses such as these tend to cost around $600 to $700. 

Longer courses have an increased cost, with certificate programs often the most expensive due to their length and the instructor’s active involvement. Noble’s Data Analytics Certificate program costs around $5,000, with flexible payment plans available. Some companies cover the cost of classes as part of an employee’s internal professional development, so it is always worth checking with your employer about their reimbursement policies.

Data science is a challenging, multidisciplinary field involving statistics, business knowledge, and computer programming. Prerequisites include understanding mathematical modeling, machine learning, and other means of extracting valuable insights from raw data. Businesses of all sizes, from startups to government agencies, hire Data Scientists. Data science skills include learning Python, SQL, machine learning, and more. The complexity of data science makes it extremely difficult to learn independently, so an instructor-led course often provides the best way to learn. The best way to establish foundational data science skills and knowledge is through an instructor-led program such as Noble Desktop’s Data Science Certificate program. Certificate programs like this cost around $4,000 and up, depending on the school, the length of the program, and more. 

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The Limitations of Learning Data with Video Tutorials

As discussed in previous sections, there are many benefits to learning data with video courses and tutorials. However, you should be aware that video classes do have some drawbacks. Video courses and tutorials are almost entirely self-paced, so you must have the self-discipline to study regularly and continue learning. Lack of access to an instructor can also make it more challenging to learn complex new skills or tools. If you have questions or run into technical issues, you must figure them out yourself. Some video courses may also lack engaging elements, making them repetitive and tedious. 

For these reasons, video courses often work best as a jumping-off point to gain a broad overview and learn data fundamentals. Then, when you are ready to dive deeper, you can further your knowledge with an instructor-led course, such as a live online data class. Instructor-led courses provide real-time feedback, allow you to collaborate with classmates, and combine different forms of learning, such as lectures, visual tools, and hands-on projects.

Two types of instructor-led courses are available for learning data: in-person and live online. In-person classes meet at a physical location and provide the opportunity to network with local professionals. Live online classes save you the commute and use remote learning to connect you to your instructor in real time. An in-person class can connect you with locals but may have limited scheduling options and course selections based on what’s available in your area. Live online classes do not guarantee your instructor and classmates will be from your local area, but since you can take a remote class offered anywhere in the world, you have a long list of choices as to the class schedule and curriculum that work for you. Both instructor-led data training methods include hands-on activities and the benefit of having instant feedback from an expert guide. 

Learn Data with Hands-on Training at Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop offers hands-on training in data science and data analytics. These courses are led by expert instructors and include hands-on projects, small class sizes, and free retake options. Noble offers a Data Analytics Certificate and Data Science Certificate. Both certificate programs include one-on-one mentoring, setup assistance, flexible payment options, and career preparation. 

You can also focus on learning specific data science or analytics skills through classes and bootcamps. Learn how to write SQL queries, join tables, aggregate data, and filter results with SQL Bootcamp. The Tableau for Data Visualization course shows you how to convert raw data into interactive visualizations. 

You can explore multiple data analytics and data science training options here.

How to Learn Data

Master data analytics, data science, and data visualization with hands-on training. Learn tops tools for working with data, including Python for data science and software like Excel, Tableau, and SQL.

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