Computer Science Training for Veterans

Unlock new career paths for Veterans with Computer Science training classes

Explore the vast field of computer science and learn how classes in this area can potentially lead to fruitful careers such as Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Data Scientist. Find out how veterans and their families can benefit from various programs like the GI Bill and Forever GI Bill to pursue professional training in computer science.

Key Insights

  • Computer science encompasses a wide range of skills beneficial in tech-related roles like Web Developers, Software Engineers, and Data Scientists.
  • Computer science professionals can specialize in areas such as programming languages like Java, robotics development, or creating new systems and tools.
  • The GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC programs provide financial assistance for veterans and their family members looking to pursue vocational training or educational programs in computer science.
  • Noble Desktop offers VA-supported programs for in-person classes, helping veterans and their families obtain comprehensive training in computer science.
  • Careers in computer science are promising with many developers and data scientists earning upwards of $100,000 a year, with opportunities in major metropolitan areas as well as remote positions.
  • Skill bootcamps offer an accelerated way to gain computer science skills, allowing students to start a new career within a few months as opposed to traditional four-year degrees.

Are you a veteran returning to civilian life or a member of a veteran’s family aiming to avail yourself of entitlements and benefits? This article is designed to help you navigate your options for taking advantage of these services to enter into a professional skills training program and learn the computer science skills you’ve always wanted to learn. Computer science classes can teach you skills in web development, software development, data science, and cybersecurity. This can open the door to becoming a Web Developer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, or information technology (IT) professional.

What is Computer Science?

Computer science is an immense field that encompasses the study of information systems, computation, and automation. Hardware and software design, machine learning algorithms, and data visualization fall under the computer science purview.

On the theoretical side, computer science includes information theory, algorithms, and computational theory. The practical side of computer science covers hardware and software design and implementation. While data science has emerged as a discrete discipline in recent years, many computer science pros still consider it a subcategory of the larger computer science field. 

Read more about what computer science is and why you should learn it.

What Can You Do with Computer Science Skills?

Computer science classes cover a wide range of subjects, encompassing anything from web development and software engineering to data science. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Computer and Information Research Scientist job sector is projected to grow by 21% between 2021-2031, well above the average growth rate of five percent. Top positions for computer science professionals include Software Developers, IT Security Analysts, Data Scientists, and Product Managers.

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Areas of specialization for computer science professionals include programming languages like Java, the development and application of robotics, and the development of new systems, tools, and programming languages.

Support for Veterans

Whether you are a veteran returning to civilian life or you are a family member of a veteran, you may wonder how you use support for veterans to start a new career. This article offers information that will help you navigate the different training options available to veterans and their family members. Learning computer science skills can help you begin or advance a career as a Web Developer, Software Engineer, Data Scientist, or IT professional. Such skills are also tremendously valuable if you are a Project Manager or stakeholder that works alongside development, data science, or IT teams. 

There are several training options for those wanting to learn computer science. Veterans and their family members can receive assistance in paying for educational programs through the GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC program. 

The GI Bill was passed in 1944 with the intention of supporting World War II veterans as they transitioned to civilian life. The GI Bill established veteran support in the form of veteran hospitals, college stipends, low-interest mortgages, and more. The GI Bill was later expanded to include additional benefits for veterans who served on or after September 11, 2001. These expanded benefits allowed veterans to transfer unused educational benefits to a spouse or child. 

In 2017, the Forever GI Bill was passed, expanding educational benefits beyond the previous 15-year limitation. This bill also established the VET TEC program, which connects veterans with qualified training providers that teach advanced technical skills. Examples of the skills taught in such programs include programming, computer software, data processing, media applications, and information science. 

Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs apply to students who attend in-person classes at Noble’s Manhattan office. You can explore Noble Desktop’s VA-supported programs and learn more about how veteran benefits apply at Noble’s Veterans Support page.

Why Learn Computer Science

As the study of computers and computer systems, computer science covers various skills. Computer science skills include using programming languages, cybersecurity, supporting information technology, and more. Learning these skills can lead to a career in web development, software development, data science, cybersecurity, or advance a career in other positions, especially those in the technology field.

Some of the most popular computer science classes are those that teach a programming language such as JavaScript, Java, or Python. JavaScript is used by Web Developers to manage web page behavior. Python is a highly flexible programming language used by Software Engineers, Python Programmers, Data Scientists, and more. Almost any professional who works on a computer uses some level of cybersecurity skills, but those who are interested in IT professions or cybersecurity as a career can especially benefit from classes that cover such skills. 

Professions related to computer science show tremendous promise both in terms of projected job growth and salary. Many Developers and Data Scientists earn upwards of $100,000 a year. They find work in major metropolitan areas as well as remote positions that allow them to work from anywhere. Computer science classes provide the chance to not only learn skills relevant to such jobs, but to network with professionals, receive mentorship, build a professional portfolio, and gain hands-on experience.

Why Choose a Skills Bootcamp?

Skills bootcamps are an excellent way to learn computer science skills in a limited period of time. Bootcamps streamline the learning process, guiding students through the necessary skills to start a new career. You can complete a skills bootcamp in a matter of months, where traditional degrees take four years or more. Those interested in computer science for programming or data science may wish to consider a certificate program like Noble Desktop’s Python Developer Certificate program. If you are interested in software development, a Software Engineering Certificate program may be right for you. You can also learn about web development through a full-stack web development program.

Bootcamps enable veterans to gain new skills in rapid time. While four-year degrees require students to take general education classes and classes outside their area of specialization, bootcamps focus exclusively on teaching the skills and tools you need to start a new career. Within a few weeks or months, you can be well on your way to starting an exciting new career. Career certificate programs offer additional benefits including portfolio reviews, mentorship, and job search assistance. 

Online skills bootcamps are especially convenient because they connect you to an instructor in real-time, include hands-on activities, and allow you to learn from anywhere. Remote learning also means you have many options, making it easier to find a bootcamp that meets your needs.

Learn Computer Science at Noble Desktop

If you want comprehensive computer science training in an interactive environment, check out the Full Stack Web Development Certificate from Noble Desktop. If you are looking to become a Software Engineer, consider enrolling in Noble’s Software Engineering Certificate program. If you focus your computer science training on the subcategory of data science, Noble Desktop’s Data Science Certificate gives you the skills you need for an entry-level position. High school students preparing for the AP Computer Science exam can benefit from Noble’s live online computer science NextGen Bootcamps.

Key Insights

  • Computer science skills include skills used by Web Developers, Software Engineers, and Data Scientists.
  • Through the GI Bill, Forever GI Bill, and VET TEC programs, veterans and their family members can receive assistance in pursuing vocational training or educational programs designed to help launch a new career. 
  • Skills bootcamps take far less time than traditional four-year degrees and focus on helping students launch or advance a relevant career.
  • Veterans and their family members can receive comprehensive computer science training online and in person through Noble Desktop.

How to Learn Computer Science

Master computer science with hands-on training. Learning how to code in JavaScript, Python, and other popular languages can pave the way to a job in tech, such as web development, data science & analytics, or software engineering.

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