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WordPress: Build Custom Themes

WordPress Training in NYC

Learn to Edit & Code Custom WordPress Themes

WordPress is not only a powerful blogging platform, it’s also a content management system (CMS). If you already know how to code webpages, you can use WordPress as a CMS so website updates are easier and your clients (non-coders) can edit the content themselves!

To control the look of the site you create themes, which is the focus of this class. You can also add lots of functionality through the built-in features of WordPress and its many plugins. In this class you will learn how to install WordPress, modify existing themes (using child themes), and develop your own custom themes.

If you are not a coder, and simply want to learn how to use WordPress to edit and manage content, you should look at our WordPress: Create a Website or Blog class.

This course is designed for people who are already familiar with HTML and CSS. Knowledge of PHP is a plus, but is not required to take this class.

  • 12 Hours
  • Mac or PC provided
  • Book included
  • Free retake

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$650 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online

What You’ll Learn

  • Learn how a great Content Management System (CMS) will increase efficiency; making maintenance, updating, and adding special functionality easier.
  • Learn how to do a custom install of WordPress and edit existing themes.
  • Develop your own themes and install plugins.
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WordPress: Build Custom Themes Class Syllabus

What You’ll Learn

Section 1
Setting Up The Local Server


  • Installing MAMP/XAMPP
Installing WordPress


  • Creating a Database
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a wp-config.php File
Installing Themes


  • Downloading a Theme from the WordPress Dashboard
  • Manually Installing a Theme
Creating a Child Theme


  • Importing Style Sheets
  • Adding Custom Header with Theme Name, Author, etc.
Modifying a Theme


  • Adding a Header Graphic
  • Customizing Links
  • Changing the Background

Section 2
Setting Up a WordPress Site


  • Installing Files
  • Creating a Database
Starting the MRP Theme


  • Setting Up the Theme
  • Creating Index.php
  • Swapping Static HTML for Dynamic PHP
The WordPress Loop


  • Displaying Posts
  • Adding/Customizing Posts
Continuing with the Loop


  • Displaying Post Time & Tags
  • Displaying Comments
  • Page Navigation
  • Fallback Content
Section 3
Splitting the Page into Templates


  • Creating Header, Footer, and Sidebar Templates
  • Adding Header and Footer Functions
Creating a Page for Single Posts


  • Making the Post Template
  • Adding a Comment Form
  • Customizing the Comments’ CSS
Creating Pages


  • Creating the Page Template
  • Adding the Title
  • Adding New Pages
  • Inserting Images
Customizing the Nav Menu


  • Creating functions.php
  • Creating the Menu
  • Customizing the Menu Order
Section 4
Customizing the Sidebar


  • Registering New Sidebars
  • Adding Widgets to Sidebars
  • Installing an Image Widget
Creating a Custom Page Template


  • Creating a Custom Template
  • Creating a Custom Query in the Loop
Adding a Contact Form


  • Installing the Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • Adding the Form to a Page
Uploading a WordPress Site


  • Exporting a Database
  • Modifying the SQL to Use Appropriate Absolute URLs
  • Uploading WordPress
  • Importing a Database
  • Car website built with custom theme

    You’ll learn how to create a custom template from scratch—turning your site into a powerful CMS.

  • WordPress custom theme used in class

    Use custom templates to display your content any way you like.

  • WordPress admin managing themes

    We show you how to modify an existing theme to match your site.

  • Using MAMP to install WordPress

    Learn how easy it is to install WordPress on your own computer.

  • List of useful WordPress plugins

    Learn to use some of the best “must-have” plugins available.

Learn to Modify & Create Custom WordPress Themes

In this class you will not only learn how to install WordPress, but how to modify existing themes (using child themes), and develop your own custom themes.

  • “To understand WordPress, this is the class to get you in the door. So many useful concepts shown and explained. After this class, you will be able to build a solid WordPress website.”

    Dmitrii Sinitskii

    Attended Noble's WordPress: Build Custom Themes class

  • “A great class for people who want to help their clients with WordPress and understand how it works under the hood. An essential class.”

    Susan Poulakis

    Attended WordPress: Build Custom Themes

  • “Nate was a fantastic instructor. There were different skill levels in our class and he was able to navigate through the content without boring or overwhelming anyone. He was incredibly patient and knowledgeable.”

    Lisa Brandenburg

    Attended the WordPress: Build Custom Themes course

  • “The two day Wordpress course with Nate Cooper was fantastic. I left the class inspired and ready to dive into the Wordpress world. Thanks.”

    Michael Soto

    Learned how to build custom themes with WordPress in our 12-hour class

  • “The class paid for itself before the end of the class. I was able to make changes on our website that would have cost three times the cost of the class.”

    Lee Solt

    Developed the skills to install WordPress as a CMS and create custom themes

Make Changes to Your Own Site

“The class paid for itself before the end of the class. I was able to make changes on our website that would have cost three times the cost of the class.”
Lee Solt, President

Students learning WordPress in class at Noble Desktop

Custom WordPress Workbook Included

Our WordPress class comes with a custom step-by-step training manual sold to universities and schools around the world. Recreate the class projects and refresh how to build custom themes with WordPress anytime after the class. 

Every WordPress class comes with a custom workbook

Create Websites with WordPress

“After taking this class, now I feel like I have a much stronger grasp on creating a website through WordPress, from start to finish. I learned about working locally, then when complete, how to move the site to a remote server.”
Jonah Schrogin, Digital Designer

Learn to create WordPress websites

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$650 Discounts Policies

594 Broadway, NYC or Live Online