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2-hour Premium Seminar

Responsive CSS3 Scrolling Effects

In this seminar, we'll demonstrate how to code an image-rich webpage designed specifically to take advantage of the awesome native CSS capabilities of modern browsers. You'll learn how to build an elegant, responsive design where all content—including images and videos—resize in accordance with browser size. You'll also explore techniques for using CSS animated transitions that zoom, pan, and scroll. Along the way, we will use media queries to fine tune the content so it displays beautifully in any size browser, from a mobile device to a wide-screen display. Here’s the page you’ll learn to create in this seminar.

You’ll learn about the following topics:

  • The Magic of CSS Background-Size: Cover
  • Distinctive Scrolling Effects with CSS Fixed Backgrounds
  • Zooming a Video on Hover with CSS Transitions
  • Using CSS @Keyframes to Create a Cinematic Panning Effect
  • Media Queries: Fine Tuning Page Layout and Typography Across Devices

This seminar is designed for people who have some experience with HTML and CSS.

Free for Web Certificate students (call or email to register).

Upcoming Seminars

Price: $30

  • 2 hours
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • In New York City and Live Online

New York City seminars are held at:
594 Broadway, Suite 1202 (between Prince & Houston) Map

Includes a 39 page Step-by-Step Instruction Guide

Attendees receive an exercise book, walking you through the steps of building this responsive, animated webpage. All the instructions are written out, so you can easily start coding what you’ve learned right away!