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iOS App Development (with Swift) Level 1

Intro to Swift, Xcode, and Object-Oriented Programming

Swift 4 is Apple’s programming language to build apps for iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad). Swift brings together the best features of modern programming in a concise, safe, and interactive way that’s easier to learn than Objective-C (Apple’s older programming language). This training is for people new to programming iOS apps, or new to coding Swift. No prior programming knowledge is required, however it is strongly recommended that you have HTML coding experience, and ideally some other coding experience such as JavaScript.

You will create four apps in this course: Hello World, Roll the Dice, Tip Calculator, and Card War. You will learn Swift’s fundamental syntax and programming concepts so you have a solid foundation for diving deeper into iOS app development. You’ll be guided through the basics of Swift as it relates to iOS, using Apple's XCode and interactive Playgrounds. iOS app development continues to be in high demand. Take this class as your entry into the world of iOS app development! If you like the course, continue with our iOS App Development Intensive course (this is the first three weeks of the Intensive course!).

We do provide computers, but you may want to bring a Mac laptop to work in your own environment. 


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  • 18 hours of Hands-On Training
  • Custom Written Workbook Included
  • Mac ONLY

We Literally Wrote the Book!

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To make the perfect class we had to write our own workbooks which are included with each class.

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What You’ll Learn

Week 1
Introduction to Tools of the Course


  • XCode
  • iOS
  • Swift
Hello World App
Roll The Dice App
The Swift Programming Language


  • The Swift Playground
  • Comments
  • The println() function


  • Variables
  • Constants
  • Data types
  • Optionals
  • Type inference
Conditional Statements & Operators


  • The if statement
  • The else statement
  • The else if statement
  • Comparison operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Logical operators


  • Literals
  • Mutable strings
  • Comparing strings
  • Concatenating strings

Week 2
Tip Calculator App


  • Functions with parameters
  • Functions with returned values
Optional Unwrapping


  • Forced optional unwrapping
  • Implicitly unwrapped optionals
  • Optional binding


  • For loops
  • While loops
  • For in loops
  • Iterating over arrays
Creating a Class


  • Object-oriented programming
  • Objects & classes
  • Methods
  • Properties


  • Methods with parameters
  • Methods with return values


  • Creating a struct
  • Accessing a struct


  • Creating a subclass
  • Method overriding


  • Extending existing classes
  • Using extensions
Protocol & Delegates


  • Defining & implementing protocol
  • Delegate design pattern
  • Implementing & using delegates


  • Defining a closure
  • Closures with parameters
  • Closures with returned values
  • Closures as callbacks
Week 3


  • Creating & using enumerations
Type Casting


  • Type checking
  • Type casting
  • Downcasting


  • Creating & using tuples
Type aliases


  • Creating & using type aliases


  • Strong & weak references
  • Avoiding strong reference cycles
Card War App


  • Importing the images
  • Adding the button that draws the cards
  • Labeling the deck & each player’s score
  • Adding constraints to our labels
  • Adding a button to restart the game & constraining it
  • Adding & constraining the background image

Why Train With Noble?

27 Years of Experience

Noble Desktop has been teaching computer graphics and web development since 1991. In all those years we have perfected the craft of teaching. If students get hung up on any issue, we tweak the class to make it work better. Every instructor uses the same time-tested curriculum we have developed. Ask around: Noble Desktop has a stellar reputation for exceptional computer graphics training.

Our Teaching Method is Better

We don't ask you to simply "follow along," copying what the instructor does. Instead we ask you to focus 100% attention on the lesson at hand. Only after the lesson do you then put into practice what you have learned by working on a computer with our step-by-step workbooks. This "learn, then practice" method results in the student learning and retaining much more than traditional "follow along" classes.

We Wrote the Book Ourselves

Most of our classes include a custom training workbook written by our top instructors. Take it home with you: with step-by-step exercises and power-user keyboard shortcut guides, it’s like having a refresher course right on your desk. We wrote the book ourselves because we couldn't find any book that was good enough. Now our books are being used by other schools and training centers worldwide.

We Provide Computers, Mac or PC

Since when did training centers expect you to "bring a laptop"? Noble Desktop has always had classrooms full of computers, Mac and PC. Each computer is loaded with software and has a 19-inch monitor. The next time you are asked to "bring a laptop," ask why you aren't being provided a computer. Noble Desktop always has up-to-date equipment in our state-of-the-art classrooms.

Not Just Anyone Can Teach

All our instructors are working professionals who bring on-the-job experience to the classroom. But we don't just let anyone teach a course. How many experts do you know who can't teach? We've learned to audition and test our instructors. Only after they have been through our screening process will they be put in front of students. And they are required to use our time-tested curriculum, assuring a positive learning experience for all our students. Read our instructor bios.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re the only school to offer an unconditional money-back guarantee. If within the first half of the class you don’t absolutely love it, we’ll give you a full refund. Please note any request needs to be made before the halfway point of any class.

We Are NY State-Licensed, and Adobe Authorized

When looking at a computer training school, check to see if they are NY State-licensed. Any school in New York should be licensed by law. Noble Desktop follows state-issued guidelines for curriculum development and teacher licensing. Adobe Authorized means our instructors have passed the rigorous Adobe Certification Exam, and that we follow Adobe's quality-control standards.

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We offer our guarantee because we think we’re the best—but don’t take our word for it. Ask more than 2200 industry professionals who have enjoyed our classes and are putting what they learned to use on the job. Read their testimonials.