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iOS App Development (with Swift) Level 1

Intro to Swift, Xcode, and Object-Oriented Programming

Swift 4 is Apple’s programming language to build apps for iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad). Swift brings together the best features of modern programming in a concise, safe, and interactive way that’s easier to learn than Objective-C (Apple’s older programming language). This training is for people new to programming iOS apps, or new to coding Swift. No prior programming knowledge is required, however it is strongly recommended that you have HTML coding experience, and ideally some other coding experience such as JavaScript.

You will create four apps in this course: Hello World, Roll the Dice, Tip Calculator, and Card War. You will learn Swift’s fundamental syntax and programming concepts so you have a solid foundation for diving deeper into iOS app development. You’ll be guided through the basics of Swift as it relates to iOS, using Apple's XCode and interactive Playgrounds. iOS app development continues to be in high demand. Take this class as your entry into the world of iOS app development! If you like the course, continue with our iOS App Development Intensive course (this is the first three weeks of the Intensive course!).

We do provide computers, but you may want to bring a Mac laptop to work in your own environment. 

  • Small Classes
  • Computer Provided
  • Book included
  • Free Retake

Learn How to Build iOS Apps for iPhone & iPad

Our iOS App Development Level 1 course will start you on your way to becoming an Apple mobile developer. While learning foundational object-oriented programming concepts in Xcode and Swift, you'll build several apps in class. Learn these skills with step-by-step exercises in a small class led by a professional iOS developer.

  • “For a designer like me with just basic programming experience, the iOS introductory app development class was a nicely structured way to dip my toes into what is a vast topic without becoming completely overwhelmed. I learned quickly because I could see results every step of the way.”

    Mark LaRiviere

    Mark learned the fundamentals of iOS app development in the Level 1 class

  • “If you are looking for a beginner course to iPhone/iPad development, do not hesitate to sign up for this class.”

    Joe Scalise

    Completed the iOS App Development Level 1 course

Learn then Practice

Learn iOS development by creating numerous app projects. First by watching a short demo, then by practicing with step-by-step exercies that will guide you through building real-world apps such as a tip calculator, dice app, and a Card War game.

Students learning to create iOS apps

Custom Workbook Included

Our iOS Development class comes with a custom step-by-step training manual sold to universities and schools around the world. Recreate the class projects and refresh the materials anytime after the class. 

Custom iOS workbook included with every class