Swift is Apple’s programming language to build apps for iOS devices (such as the iPhone and iPad). Swift brings together the best features of modern programming in a concise, safe, and interactive way that’s easier to learn than Objective-C (Apple’s older programming language). This training is for people new to programming iOS apps, or new to coding Swift. No prior programming knowledge is required, however it is strongly recommended that you have HTML coding experience, and ideally some other coding experience such as JavaScript.

You will create four apps in this course: Hello World, Roll the Dice, Tip Calculator, and Card War. You will learn Swift’s fundamental syntax and programming concepts so you have a solid foundation for diving deeper into iOS app development. You’ll be guided through the basics of Swift as it relates to iOS, using Apple's XCode and interactive Playgrounds. iOS app development continues to be in high demand. Take this class as your entry into the world of iOS app development! If you like the course, continue with our iOS App Bootcamp (this is the first three weeks of the Bootcamp).