As the world becomes more and more tech-centric, the need for coding and computer science knowledge is growing exponentially. However, knowing how to code is only half of the necessary experience needed for a job. Students must also understand the "science" behind programming such as how to design programs, solve problems, develop algorithms, and data structures.

The class will start from the basics such as data types but will quickly move into advanced computer science topics such as object-oriented programming and recursion. This class will not only explain how to program data structures but will explain how the computer is interpreting the program that you are writing. This course is designed to give beginners a deep understanding of computer science principles and the Java programming language. Java is one of the most popular languages in the world and is mainly used for web applications, Android development, and web tools such as Google Docs.

After this course, students will have the skills to pass the Java SE 11 Programmer 1 Exam as well as have a strong foundation in computer science and coding to build upon. Without this fundamental knowledge, it is challenging for a programmer to land an entry-level job.