Editors & Copywriters Contribute to an InDesign Editorial Workflow

Adobe InCopy is a specialized word processor that tightly integrates with Adobe InDesign. It allows editors and copywriters to editors to contribute content in InDesign documents.

InCopy does not take long to learn. Understanding the workflow of how InCopy works with InDesign is often the most important part of good training. Our InCopy classes are customized corporate training, which is tailored to your company so we cover the specific features you need. We use your own documents so your people will see real-life examples of how they’ll be using the app.

Editors will use InCopy, while designers will use InDesign, so we typically divide up training that way: 

  • Editors using InCopy typically need 2 hours of training (could be 3 if they will be using a lot of its features).
  • Designers typically need 1 hour of training, to learn the new workflow and how to allow people to contribute with InCopy.

Please contact us to inquire about pricing and to schedule a custom InCopy training.