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Photo Retouching Certificate

Take your photos to the next level.

Noble Desktop is now offering a Certificate in Photo Retouching. Intended for both beginners and those with a more advanced design background, students will learn industry standard retouching techniques using Adobe Photoshop. These skills, along with knowledge of Adobe Lightroom, will give students a complete understanding of how to perfect both their own photographs and stock photos to match their needs. Students who already have some of these skills (or have equivalent experience) need only take the remaining classes to complete the certificate.

The cost for the three courses comprising the Certificate in Photo Retouching would normally be $2600 if the courses were taken separately. However, Noble Desktop offers the complete program at a special price of $2000. If students have previously taken one or more of the courses in the program, they can finish the program and a discount will be offered so that the final price to complete the program is $2000.

To sign up, just select the classes you would like to take from our schedule. On the Registration Page, mention “Certificate in Photo Retouching” in the comments field. We will make sure you receive whatever discounts are necessary to achieve the certificate at the lowest possible price.

Photo retouching

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Adobe Photoshop CC

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This introductory through intermediate Adobe Photoshop class emphasizes understanding the elements of an image, from pixels to halftone dots. You will work on dozens of images, gaining hands-on experience of everything from simple color correction to complex photo retouching, so you’ll understand the process from scanned image to printed piece. The course covers retouching, layers, masks, paths, channels, special filters, trapping, and much, much more!


Photoshop CC Advanced Retouching

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An advanced course, with an emphasis on retouching, complex selections, color correction, and color accuracy for output. You’ll retouch skin and reshape facial features on a fashion shot, use a product shot to focus on selections and dynamic color, then practice masking and creating pleasing flesh tones using a life-style shot.


Adobe Lightroom 5

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Lightroom is an amazing program that can help you organize, optimize and share photos. This introductory course will cover the basics of importing photos from your camera into Lightroom’s catalog, editing and organizing your pictures, optimizing and developing your photos for printing, creating slideshows, webpages and printed books to share your work, publishing your pictures on social media sites, and backup strategies to keep your photo library safe.


Noble Desktop Workbooks

Study at home with the same books we use in our classes. Step-by-step exercises walk you through multiple projects, each dealing with different aspects of the program. It’s the next best thing to taking a course.

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