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Why Move From Graphic Design to Motion Graphics Design?

There are several excellent reasons to support your decision to move from graphic design to motion design.

Why Move From Graphic Design to Motion Graphics Design?

More exciting work: motion design adds animation principles such as staging, anticipation, timing, easing, exaggeration, and overlapping action to your already powerful design principles mix.

Holistic understanding of graphics technology: by working with tools and software features you are already familiar with (pen tool, gradients, layer modes, etc.) and applying that knowledge to motion, you will develop a deeper understanding of these tools’ capabilities and how their features work.

Become a master of the design universe: you will be able to take any idea and make it real in any medium: print, digital (web and devices), video, 3D, and even gaming and mixed reality.

You will be a more attractive candidate to employers: if the choice came down to you and another creative to fill a spot, and both of you have comparable portfolios and experience, knowing motion design could shift the tide in your favor.

Your boss or client says you have to: as mentioned earlier, video and motion design is growing by leaps and bounds. It is likely the ask is forthcoming, so it’s better to be ahead of the curve.

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