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Self-Promotion as a Motion Graphics Designer

Promoting yourself is the path to success for personal brand marketing and fully realizing your potential as a motion designer. Self-promotion can involve many skills and aspects of being a motion designer. They all work towards improving your designs and increasing your visibility in the job market and the motion design community.

Self-Promotion as a Motion Graphics Designer

Passion Projects: these are the centerpiece of self-promotion. If something inspires you, run with it and make it an actual project. This process is valuable because it shares your capabilities and progress with the world. It can involve design for design’s sake, some software feature you want to master, even recreating something you saw and then making it your own. Create a social media channel on Vimeo, Instagram, and YouTube, and also include these on your portfolio site. Make this a habit and post regularly.

Hustle on Social Media: the motion design community is one of the most welcoming and supportive ones out there. Generally, motion designers are friendly and happy to share. There are varied ways to participate:

  • Comment on work you like online.
  • Give a thumbs up to a tutorial that helped you complete a project.
  • Subscribe to channels that interest you. Read what other subscribers post.
  • Engage with a designer on their site and ask questions or advice.
  • Attend online events and post in the chat box.

Start a Channel or Event: similar to passion projects, this is another excellent way to share your capabilities and progress. Posting video tutorials (YouTube, Vimeo), writing articles (blogs), and hosting online events (Adobe Livestream, Meetup) will dramatically increase your presence in the motion design community.

Share with Your Network: keep in touch with colleagues and employers present and past as your journey continues. Ask them what they are working on, or remind them of upcoming events. It feels good to stay connected.

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