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These slides are for the seminar: Intro to Illustrator

What We’ll Cover

  • Vectors versus Pixels
  • What can Illustrator do?
  • Which Creative Cloud plan you should purchase.
  • A tutorial to get you started using Illustrator.
  • Ways to continue learning.

Vectors versus Pixels

illustration showing enlarged pixels
Vector graphics can be used at any size (unlike pixel-based graphics from Photoshop).

What Can Illustrator Do?

  • Draw and edit vector graphics.
  • Create logos, icons, illustrations, and many types of graphics.
  • Make designs for use in websites, social media, print, video/motion graphics, apps, packaging, and more.
  • Build patterns for all sorts of design, including fashion design.

Example: Logos

Logos designed in Adobe Illustrator
Responsive Logos look good at all sizes.

Example: Icons

Icons can be used in websites, apps, logos, or any type of design.

Example: Illustration

Convert hand-drawn art or create entirely digital art. Credit: Lotta Nieminen

Example: Typography

Work with hand-drawn type or turn fonts into art & customize. Credit: Erik Marinovich

Example: Patterns

Patterns are used in websites, apps, print, video, fashion design, and all types of graphic design.

Example: Packaging

Illustrator is heavily used in packaging design.

Example: Fashion Design

Illustrator is frequently used in fashion design & patterns. Credit: Lotta Nieminen

Creative Cloud Plans

Live Demo

Let’s get started with Illustrator!

Mastering Illustrator

Work in Illustrator as much as you can.
Draw icons, design logos, edit existing graphics, create patterns, or design whatever interests you.

Practice makes perfect, so have fun!

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