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Motion Graphics Designer - Create Your Elevator Pitch!

According to Wikipedia, an elevator pitch “explains one's skills and goals, and why they would be a productive and beneficial person to have on a team or within a company or project.”

Also, “the goal is simply to convey the…topic in an exciting way.” (

Create Your Elevator Pitch!

Typically, an elevator pitch should last around 15 to 30 seconds; after all, this isn’t an interview. Similar to (1) your resume’s profile or overview section, (2) LinkedIn’s Intro section headline, and (3) your response to an interviewer asking, “tell me a little about yourself,” your elevator pitch needs to sell you in a brief and compelling statement. For personal branding consistency, you may want to use similar talking points for all the above.

Given that motion design is a specialty field within graphic design, it makes sense to have more than one elevator pitch: one for motion designers and design managers (people who would hire you directly) and another one for marketers and project managers (people who would refer you to the people that would directly hire you). While a motion designer or art director might be intrigued by your knowledge of masking techniques, particle plugins, or the pros and cons of your favorite render engine, someone who does not do this for a living might feel a little left out. Both versions need to feel authentic and confident. Rehearse in front of a mirror until you can deliver the performance without a hitch, as you will need to deliver it at an unexpected moment’s notice: at a coffee shop, at the gym, or even in an elevator. Feel comfortable sharing yourself passionately!

For your designer elevator pitch, mention your specialties (it's okay to get technical here), your accomplishments, your awards, and what will make the listener want to learn more about you. End it with a question to engage the conversation:

“I’m an After Effects and Cinema 4D expert. I love working those easing curves. My current interest is low poly modeling and 3D flat design. I really enjoy working in the financial services sector, and I was honored to receive multiple awards from the industry’s top association. Did you happen to see (insert your latest and greatest project)?”

For non-motion designers, you might want to generalize what you do so that they can relate to what it is you do. If your parents can understand this one, you’ve got it covered!

“I love making videos for the web, social media, and presentations. My specialty is combining world-class design with speed to market. I really enjoy working in the financial services sector, and I was honored to receive multiple awards from my industry’s top association. Let me send you a link to (insert your latest and greatest project)!”

The key to a successful elevator pitch is an authentic and confident performance at a moment’s notice. Practice, practice, practice!

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